12 Cosmic Baby Concept Patterns

12 Cosmic Baby Concept Patterns

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Cosmic Baby Ideas

Cosmic Baby Ideas

That statement of giving your child the moons and stars can never be truer for this round-up. Cosmic Baby Patterns.

A handful of ideas such as non-scary alien stuffy to a UFO to a rocket ship hat to name a few. Maybe a rocket ship blanket in C2C or a simplistic solar system mobile.

The baby sweater with the UFO is really awesome. Truly. I’m a fan of Star Trek and so some of my nostalgic feelings are based on that TV Show. Or maybe like X-Files for the saying “I want to believe.”

I know looking at the stars creates wonder and questions. Are we alone?

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Yarnspirations Patterns

Free Pattern: Cosmic Baby Patterns

Crochet Rocket Ship Snuggle Sack

Crochet Rocket Ship Snuggle Sack

The Crochet Rocket Ship is made up of several pieces that form the ship. It’s much easier to crochet than one could imagine.

I’m a Star Trek fan, so this ship is iconic of the old movies and the colouring is just fun.

Of the snuggle sacks, this is one of my favourites.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern

Free Pattern: Crochet Rocket Ship Snuggle Sack

Rocket Repeat Steps Worksheet– Not included in the pattern itself, this is my own notes.


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