Crochet Love Our Kitty Catnip Toy
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Love our Kitty Toy
Dimitri Lost Her Toy. I was contemplating buying her one but then I remembered her last toy was homemade and she LOVED IT!

Crochet Love Our Kitty Toy

Dimitri loved homemade cat toys. She died in 2017. Laced with catnip and sized right to carry around. I cannot express enough how much she loves her toys.

She’s too old to care about a mouse running across her path but a laced catnip toy is something she absolutely loved.

She carried her toy outside a couple months ago and I found it all soaked and ruined. Usually, she meows like a kitty in heat and goes running across the house with it… gets there… drops it and the fun is over… but then does it again in a while. It’s the only exercise she gets.

Let’s face it… cat’s and dogs don’t care if you make the item or buy it at the store. I have the yarn, I have a bag of cat nip and I have the desire to show her my love by making her a new toy. This is how I did it.

The free downloadable has the instructions on how I created this toy. I made a pouch for the catnip scents to get through without the catnip making a mess of our home.

Love Our Kitty Cat Toy Pattern
Love Our Kitty Cat Toy Pattern. Click this to get the pattern.

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