Crochet Hot Air Balloon Pattern

Crochet Hot Air Balloon
Crochet Hot Air Balloon
Crochet Hot Air Balloon

Crochet Hot Air Balloon

Create this Crochet Hot Air Balloon that is intended for cute whimsical decor.

This balloon was designed for my own Yarn Studio. It was a design never intended for me to share with the audience. However, there was something I needed to do, I had to create 6 identical panels and was required to write down my steps so I could do all 6. That’s where the majority of the work is involved in this design. Once I was finished, I realized I had the pattern written out to be able to share if I wanted to.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Hot Air Balloon

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The balloon is 16″ tall and 15″ diameter. I needed a balloon that would be bigger than my Crochet City Mouse.

Crochet Antonio Mouse
Crochet Antonio Mouse – In Venice, Italy

The City Mouse is a free pattern on Yarnspirations. I made him for my European personal vacation back a couple of years ago. If you look at his sash, you can see all the places he’s been.

I coloured him up to have a red kerchief and red belt sash that isn’t part of the original pattern. Knowing we would start our European adventure in Venice. I wanted him to be an iconic gondola driver. You can see all of the places Antonio went in Europe.

In searching for a balloon as I wouldn’t have to figure out the pattern. Most of the balloons I saw were like the old fashioned hot air balloons. You know, the one you might have been from Wizard of Oz. It wasn’t what I wanted.

Most of the balloons that I saw in the shape I wanted to look distorted. I wanted as close to the real shape I could get. I didn’t want the top of the balloon to be shaped in a way that makes the balloon look like it’s stretching as a result of being hung up.

So I head on over to Pinterest to look at Hot Air Balloons to study the shape. I realized I can do the shape in 6 panels. I had Styrofoam Rings in my craft collection and realize if I can get the top to jet out from the top and make the turn with an elongated shape.

I wanted my balloon to have the symbolism of creativity carrying you away. So I axed the idea of the basket. The city mouse is about 16″ tall without the ears. So I wanted the balloon to be in line with his size.

Once the 6 panels are complete, you whip stitch all of them together but leave the last join open to insert a homemade support structure. I talk about this in the free pattern.

Once the balloon has the support and is stuffed. It will look like it’s floating away instead of being stretched.

I hope you enjoy my creation. I’m of the opinion if I cannot find exactly what I want. I have to create it myself. I’m glad to share with you how I did it.

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  1. Gina

    Ohh, I was looking for your hot air balloon pattern to go with city mouse. Can’t find it. Am I looking in the wrong pace?

  2. Ginger Spurlock

    You inspire me to try something out of my comfort zone. Thank you for sharing! I recommend you to anyone I meet who is learning to crochet.

  3. I really love this and hope you will be doing a tutorial for the mouse and the hot air balloon. I just know that my grand-babies would love it if I could learn to make one to hang in their rooms. I am a stuffed animal nut and would love to make one for myself to. Just so you know, without your tutorials and those of the Fiber Spider I would likely have given up on learning crochet shortly after I started a year ago. Both your videos and his have made learning easy and fun for me. I love what your tutorials have taught me and can’t wait to learn more. I just wish my hands and hooks could work as fast as you all put out fresh ideas and new tutorials. Thank You!!!

  4. Kristi Robinson

    Great information, you rock! Keep those juices flowing.

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