56 Jonah Personal Charity Pattern Picks

Jonahs Charity Projects
Jonahs Charity Projects
Jonahs Charity Projects

56 Jonah Personal Charity Patterns Picks

Jonah has combed through Yarnspirations and personally selected 56 assorted patterns with charity in mind. See 56 Free Patterns.

Jonah has been crocheting since he was 5 years old. Currently, he’s 12 years and complex stitches don’t even phase him for accomplishing really awesome concepts.

Jonah has been instrumental to raising funds for building a Library and is working towards building a science lab. He’s been involved with Roots Ethiopia. You can also see more about him on his own website at Jonah’s Hands.

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Free Patterns: 56 Assorted Charity Pattern Ideas

Mikey and Jonah Talk Charity

Candid discussion regarding charity.

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  1. I love you and your post… family In cluded.. . …. I miss all your home post.. seeing your babies in action…

    • Mikey

      People complain about them due to my lifestyle and it not being crochet related. It’s easier to keep it from the public and save the drama.

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