Crochet Animal Rugs Pattern Book
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Crochet Animal Rugs Pattern Book
Crochet Animal Rugs Pattern Book

Crochet Animal Rugs

Introducing an incredible book by Ira Rott. Ira is a Canadian Designer and you may have seen her designs floating in and around facebook. You may need a refresher because you probably don’t even realize she is the designer of the popular Elephant Rug, which is also included in this book.

Ira puts the fun back in Crochet with super cute practical use ideas. You can have many popular designs all in one purchase with this book for you to have, carry with you and crochet on the fly.

Elephant Rug by Ira Rott
Elephant Rug by Ira Rott

Her patterns are reasonably priced and creativity is second to none.

The super thing about this book is that she has combo’d up projects that work together. Matching sets for home decor. From pillows to match the rug. You may go bananas for the Chip the Monkey patterns inside this book to.

Elephant Rug by Ira Rott
Elephant Rug by Ira Rott

My most favourite pattern in the book is the Giraffe Carpet.

You can securely buy this book through Amazon, Crochet Animal Rugs, ISBN-13: 978-4-4463-0700-7. Ira’s Publisher gave me a PDF Download to review this book but I was so motivated, I bought a real copy on Amazon to support Ira’s creativity and to have this as part of my collection in my studio. While you could buy her patterns separately through her website, for about $20, you can get 20 of her patterns in this book! The price speaks for itself.

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