Crochet Preemie Octopus
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Crochet Preemie Octopus

Crochet Preemie Octopus
Crochet Preemie Octopus

Weather you have a preemie, or know someone who does this Crochet Preemie Octopus is the perfect little buddy and provides comfort to preemies. With one ball of Red Heart Bunches Of Hugs you can make five of these Crochet Preemie Octopus’s that you could lovingly donate to your local NICU.

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2 thoughts on “Charity Crochet Preemie Octopus Pattern

  1. I love the patterns that I’ve seen so far. What I like to do is make things for women and children in need also crochet items for seniors. I have bins full of yarn that I could use, i dont want any money for doing this i just need patterns. I will pay for the patterns and will accept free patterns. Please I’m hoping that you can help me out with this

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