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Crochet Baby Mermaid Tail with Bra Top
Crochet Baby Mermaid Tail with Bra Top

Crochet Baby Mermaid Tail

From the Yarnspirations Design Studio, I present to you a mini version of the Mermaid Tail. Called Wee Mermaid Costume.

This miniature set fits babies from 12 – 18 months of age. Included is a sea shell top design. Of course, your creativity is up to you on the pieces you make.

The miniature design is not the same as the larger versions released earlier this year. There is some fancy stitches in the waist area and then tapers to the tail. It’s made like a cocoon.


4 thoughts on “Crochet Baby Mermaid Tail + Tutorial

  1. Hi Mickey…Absolutely love the Snuggle Sacks. My grandkids are 18 months to 3.5 years old (toddlers). Love the mermaid pattern in smaller size. Can you publish the others, like rocket, hot dog, in toddler size. I am an experienced crocheter but sizing is my downfall. Thank you for all you do for us. LOL.

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