Crochet Footsie Blanket
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Crochet Footsie Blanket
Crochet Footsie Blanket

Crochet Footsie Blanket

The Crochet Footsie Blanket is designed to keep your feet tucked into a pocket. More more feet popping out at the bottom. Revision 2 is active as of August 13, 2019.

I’m too tall for an average throw size blanket. Instead of creating an obsessive about extra length, I created a pocket that is 12″ deep that I can slide my feet into to prevent my feet from poking out.

The entire project is the same length as my total height, so I have extra without forcing the blanket to stretch.

I intentionally created a striping effect at the bottom foot pocket area as this will most likely touch the floor. My cats sleep between my legs as I crochet. So they will sleep on the darker colour area without making my blanket look dirty too quickly.

I have included alternative information in the free downloadable PDF for the kid-size version. As an adult, I want to sleep on the sofa without feeling trapped. Thus, I only wanted to be 12″ deep pocket so I can easily get up.

I have given measurement options for those needing a chair or wheelchair size. The length is too long for being comfortable in a wheelchair. So I have given alternative measurements for that as well.

3 More Moss Stitch Based Blankets

The Crochet Footsie Blanket uses the moss stitch after the pocket is formed.

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Hibernate Crochet Blanket
Hibernate Crochet Blanket
Crochet Hibernate Blanket
Cozy Cabin Hibernate Blanket
Crochet Baby Hibernate Blanket
Crochet Baby Hibernate Blanket


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