Crochet Tweed Poncho Pattern

Crochet Tweed Poncho Pattern

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Crochet Adult Tweed Under Wraps Poncho

Crochet Adult Tweed Under Wraps Poncho

Crochet Tweed Under Wraps

Introduction the Tweed Under Wraps Poncho for women. This once piece project is easy to make with the help of bulky yarn to speed up the process of making this.

This is showcasing Patons Colorwul as a vibrant and 100% wool poncho. I know many people are allergic to wool or the cost of wool is outside of the budget of the average crocheter. What I have done is to substitute the yarn using Bernat Softee Chunky as an option to cut the yarn costs down to about 25 – 35% of what it would be if you use Colorwul.

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Crochet Adult Tweed Under Wraps Poncho Pattern

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Substituting Instructions

  • Patons Colorwul has 90 yards of yarn/ball.
  • Bernat Softee Chunky has 431 yards of yarn/ball.

In Patons Colorwul Yards

  • XS/M = 20 balls x 90 yards = 1800 yards.
  • L / 2 XL = 22 balls of 90 yards = 1980 yards.
  • 3 XL / 5 XL = 25 balls of 90 yards = 2250 yards.

Divide the number of yards by the yards of the yarn you want to substitute with.

  • XS / M = 1800 / 431 = 5 balls of Bernat Softee Chunky yarn.
  • L / 2XL = 1980 / 431 = 5 balls of Bernat Softee Chunky yarn.
  • 3 XL / 5 XL = 2250 / 431 = 6 balls of Bernat Softee Chunky yarn.

This pattern is not difficult but you need to follow the steps as indicated in the pattern and tutorial. Here is what my finished poncho looked like after substituting my yarn. Due to myself switching to a value acrylic product. I tossed my poncho into the dryer for 15 minutes to soften it up. It draped better, it was softer and nicer to wear.

Tweed Under Wraps Side View

Tweed Under Wraps Side View

Tweed Under Wraps Side View

Tweed Under Wraps Side View

The tutorial will help construct this project and show you the steps, stitch by stitch involved in making this poncho.


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