Crochet Basket Pattern

Crochet Basket with Bernat Blanket Extra
Crochet Basket with Bernat Blanket Extra
Crochet Basket with Bernat Blanket Extra

Crochet Basket

If you can do a single crochet, you can do this easy level Crochet Basket. This is using Bernat Blanket Extra yarn. Working from the base of the basket. Working out and then up the sides. When you get close to the top, you form the handles by skipping stitches.

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Crochet Basket Pattern

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  1. Theresa Albright

    I am on row 18 of my basket it does not seem to be standing up well. Should I be crocheting tighter? My gauge seems to be correct I am using a 15.00 hook. Do you think it will eventually end up the further along I get.

    • Mikey

      Once you fill it, it should stand as mine is a bit floppy but then I put stuff in it and it solidified up. You could reduce your hook to tighten tension if you wish.

  2. Melissa Turner

    No blue button

  3. Love this pattern! Working on re-organizing and decluttering our home and a few of these will come in handy around here.

  4. Teresa Gale

    I love your patterns, i am a beginner, and i’m really getting the hang on things with your tutorials. They are easy to follow with a good pace. You made me love to crochet! I was wondering if you have tutorials on colleges afghan on there logos?

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