Crochet BBQ Apron Pattern

Crochet BBQ Apron
Crochet BBQ Apron
Crochet BBQ Apron

Crochet BBQ Apron

This easy to Crochet BBQ Apron is the next step beyond beginners. The front includes a pocket that you can slide your utensils or whatever into your apron.

Ensure you use 100% cotton for this application such as Lily Sugar’n Cream or Bernat Handicrafter Yarn. The person wearing this will be in front of an open flame on the BBQ. So you will want to ensure it is cotton as it can resist heat a lot better than animal blends or acrylic yarns.

For kitchen applications, be sure to use 100% cotton.

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Crochet BBQ Apron Pattern

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  1. Kelly M Lane

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  2. Barbara Jacobs

    I love this pattern, but have a concern. When I have made things in the past with cotton yarn, people complain it stretches out of shape too easily, espeically straps. Does anyone have a suggestion for keeping the neck strap from stretching out of shape?

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