Crochet Be-Spoke Pillow Pattern

Crochet B-Spoked Pillow

Crochet Be-Spoke Pillow

Crochet B-Spoked Pillow
Crochet B-Spoked Pillow

The Crochet Be-Spoke Pillow is round and 16″ in diameter. There is an easy repeat on this to make it fun to follow along with little mistakes.

The spiral is achieved with a front post double crochet. Some of us know that crochet naturally leans and going in a circle, you can see that more clearly. This pillow is working towards the strengths of what naturally happens.

You will make two pillow faces. Then single crochet them together with the pillow form inside.

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  1. Becky

    I cannot find where to print this pattern. I have tried everything! VERY frustrating.

    • If you click on the blue button it takes you to where you can print it off.

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