Crochet Along Doll Pattern by Papillon en Papier

Crochet Along Doll
Crochet Along Doll
Crochet Along Doll

Crochet Along Doll

The crochet along is over but the full pattern of this gorgeous Crochet Doll by Papillon en Papier is available to use. The detail of this doll is incredible.

Originally presented in 2017. This doll has incredible stitching instructions that give the doll an uber-cute appearance but also technically accurate human shaping as well.

Get Crochet Crowd Free Pattern
Crochet Along Doll Pattern

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The link will take you to do the doing the hands and arms first and at the bottom of the article, you can move forward with completing the doll step by step.

The designer has given lots of tips and a pattern like this quality that is available for free is awesome.

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