Crochet Paw Blanket
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Crochet Paw Blanket
Crochet Paw Blanket

Crochet Paw Blanket

Crochet your loveable companion their own Crochet Paw Blanket. Essentially, you have 6 circles. 1 big circle, 1 medium circle and 4 mini circles. Together, when sewn, make up the paw blanket.

If you prefer a square blanket, you could always do a square solid granny square blanket and crochet just the paw prints to sew on.

Kitties are attracted to sitting in circles. So this could be your kitty’s sacred place. It could be your dogs go to spot!

Using Bernat Blanket Pet, the yarn is treated with probiotic colourless and odourless formula to naturally reduce pet smells.


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