11 Crochet Giraffe Patterns

Round Up The Crochet Giraffes
Round Up The Crochet Giraffes
Round Up The Crochet Giraffes

Crochet Giraffe Round-Up

I love giraffes. Remember when April was pregnant and on live camera for months back in 2017? Giraffes are fascinating creatures.

Daniel and I have a running joke about having two make-believe creatures in our lives. One is an Elephant and the other is a Giraffe. You may find one of us say, “Let me consult my Giraffe!” when a decision needs to be made.


  1. Travis the Giraffe – My Design. Inspiration shared.
  2. Love my Toy Giraffe – Adapted by Me
  3. Giraffe Hat – Sarah, Repeat Crafter Me
  4. Super Cute Giraffe Pillow – Michele Wilcox
  5. Unpsychotic Giraffe Hat for Adults – Dragonbird Creations
  6. Crochet Giraffe Doll – I Love Buttons
  7. Crochet Giraffe Doll – Yana Knits
  8. Giraffe Mug Cozy – Kitty Kreations
  9. Giraffe Lovey
  10. Giraffe Diaper and Hat Set – Busting Stitches
  11. Gigi the Giraffe – Zeiso Dutch Designs

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