Crochet Blankets For Baby Patterns

Crochet Blankets for Baby

Crochet Blankets For Baby Patterns

Blankets for Baby

I’ve noticed lately there has been some requests of suggestions for baby blankets from a few of our friends on The Crochet Crowd Facebook page as well as on the stitch social, so I thought it would be a good time to put together a fun little collection of a few different baby blanket patterns suggestions for those looking for a baby gift.

Right away the plaid one is pretty exciting to me so someone in my life needs to get pregnant soon so I can make them this one. I love the one with the months I did this with my youngest, it was really neat to see the changes from month to month in the photos, (sorry older 2 it wasn’t a popular thing when you were born).

Check these and the other many adorable baby blanket options on Yarnspirations so many to choose from.

Crochet Whoo’s My Cutie Blanket Pattern

Whoo’s My Cutie Blanket

Do you plan on having an owl theme for the new little baby’s room, or simply know a little one who loves owls, heck even a grown-up would love this little owl blanket to cozy up under on the couch with while watching tv. This Crochet Whoo’s My Cutie Blanket Pattern is an adorable pattern to work up as a gift or to use as a lovely tummy time blanket.

This Crochet Whoo’s My Cutie Blanket Pattern was designed by Michele Wilcox made using Red Heart Super Saver, You can easily change the background colours as well as the flower colours if you have a different one in mind, like trying a pale shade of yellow in the blue area of the pattern, it would remind me of the moon.


Whoo’s My Cutie Blanket

Crochet Buffalo Babes Blankie Pattern

Buffalo Babes Blankie

You can never go wrong with plaid, at least not in my world. If you wanted to experiment with different colours you could really play with some different colour combinations to use to make this Crochet Buffalo Babes Blankie Pattern or of course stay with the more traditional red and black colour.

This Crochet Buffalo Babes Blankie Pattern was made using Bernat Softee Baby Chunky such a soft and plush yarn, making this already perfect baby blanket pattern even more perfect.

I would love to see photos of different colour combinations that any of you who have or will make up in this pattern!


Buffalo Babes Blankie

Crochet Watch Me Grow Blanket Pattern

Watch Me Grow Blanket

I absolutely love this Crochet Watch Me Grow Blanket Pattern it’s something that I really wish I have thought to do with my older two. It’s a fun way to capture the first year and really see how much and how quickly they grow you really don’t realize it when you are living in the moment but when you look back at these photos it’s truly crazy. If you are looking for a really wonderful baby shower gift to make, I would really suggest this be high on your list.

This Crochet Watch Me Grow Blanket Pattern was made using Bernat Baby Blanket Tiny, Bernat Softee Baby Chunky and Bernat Softee Baby, this Watch Me Grow Pattern will look really sweet on any of the more pale Baby Tiny colours.


Watch Me Grow Blanket

Crochet Twinkle Start Baby Blanket Pattern

Twinkle Stars Baby Blanket

Stars are one of my favourite shapes, and once you get the hang of them they really aren’t too bad, not going to lie I struggled the first few times I tried to go from just the pattern, but once I sat down and watched one of Mikey’s videos I had one of those smack the forehead moments, I was making such simple mistakes once corrected I had no problem now I enjoy making them.

This Crochet Twinkle Stars Baby Blanket Pattern is so sweet worked up and would really make an adorable little baby gift to your own new bundle or someone you know having a baby.

This Crochet Twinkle Stars Baby Blanket Pattern was designed by Cristin Berrafato made using Red Heart Anne Geddes Baby, I’m not sure if this yarn is still available any more on not, I know it isn’t in my area but you can substitute with any 3 weight that you like. You could use a worsted weight as well if you prefer, just keep in mind it will work up a little larger, and remember to change your hook size accordingly.

Twinkle Little Stars Baby Blanket

Crochet Star Of The Show Blanket Pattern

Star Of The Show Blanket

If you are looking for something that is easy and works up quickly this Crochet Star of the Show Crochet Blanket Pattern is a good one to have on hand, its a simple little pattern but is still quite pretty worked up in any colour. It’s one of those patterns you make where people look at it, and say wow that is beautiful that looks hard to make, we say absolutely so very hard while thinking to your self, I’ll never tell my secret that this is a last-minute project shhhh…

This Crochet Star Of The Show Blanket Pattern was made using Bernat Blanket Yarn, a lovely soft squishy yarn, which lends to helping this be a rather quick blanket to work up. There are some really pretty Blanket Yarn colours as well as the Brights for this blanket. I would love to see this made up in some of the variegated colours.

Start Of The Show Blanket

Crochet Building Blocks Throw Pattern

Building Blocks Throw

Start their love for building blocks off on the right foot (haha) with this super cute Crochet Building Blocks Throw Pattern it’s the only block you won’t mind if you step on it. It’s a great pattern for a new baby, or if you have someone a little older who really loves those blocks, I now they’re used almost daily in my house there is an insane collection, I’m sure this blanket would be well-loved as well.

This Crochet Building Blocks Throw Pattern was designed by Nanette M. Seale made using Red Heart With Love. You could easily make extra blocks to make this blanket bigger, if you were wanting to do it in a larger size, this is a blanket that will be sure to impress the block loving person in your life.



Building Blocks Throw

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