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Buffalo Plaid Blanket
Buffalo Plaid Blanket

Crochet Buffalo Plaid Blanket

Whoa, I would have never expected this blanket, the Crochet Buffalo Plaid Blanket, to be crocheted this way!

It’s an optical illusion on how it’s made. In fact, when I was showing it at a live show, I really couldn’t figure it out. I actually thought it could have been knitted. The tutorial takes away the mystery and uses the Split Half Double Crochet stitch to form the stitches. It’s that particular stitch that fools you to think it’s knitted.

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I really think people are going to adore this blanket. They will enjoy the simplicity but don’t tell non-crocheters is that simple, if you know what I mean!

Free pattern is available and use the tutorial below to take away the mystery and see how it’s done.

For those who want to substitute yarn or hook size or to change the size of the blanket, the stitch multiple is: Multiple 2+ 1.


9 thoughts on “Crochet Buffalo Plaid Blanket + Tutorial

  1. The stitch count can’t just be multiple of 2 + 1. It has to be a multiple of (2x the “block” width + 1 “block” width) + 1 in order for the pattern to come out even and symmetrical. But that doesn’t help me if I don’t know how many stitches are in each “block.” ?

  2. Hi Mikey, Is this the same pattern as the ‘Gingham Plaid Afghan’ on the Michaels website? I picked up the printed pattern at my store recently. Thanks!

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