Crochet Cool Poncho Pattern

Crochet Cool Poncho
Crochet Cool Poncho
Crochet Cool Poncho

Crochet Cool Poncho

Shown in 5 XL I present to you the Cool Poncho, a free pattern by Yarnspirations. I purposely did the 5 XL version on the pattern to see how far the Caron Cakes will go. Luckily, it only takes 2 balls of Caron Cakes. I have some extra tips for making this yarn really work out nicely.

Cool Poncho

Even the smaller sizes, you most likely will use 2 balls of Caron Cakes.

This pattern is done in two different panels. There really isn’t a front or back as both mitered panels are identical. The version below shows 28 rows as per the 5 XL in the pattern. The smaller versions, it will be shorter. The neck area is identical on all adult sizes, the smaller sizes will be shorter.

The Caron Cakes have this colourway automatically. I used Cherry Chip and the colours changed on their own. I didn’t doctor or alter the colour scheme in any way. I used a 5 mm or Size H crochet hook as I changed the yarn recommendation in the pattern.

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  1. I crocheted the first panel and finished it. I used most of the Caron Cake with enough spare for the fringe. I put the ball aside and started the second panel.
  2. With the second panel, I used a fresh ball and instead of following the directions exactly, I joined with a slip stitch as I went so the two panels were being joined together as I did the second panel.
  3. With the join as you go technique, there is no sewing. With variegated yarn like this, it’s impossible to find a strand colour that will hide well when you join them together. So with the join, as I go for the second side, you don’t see any colours that shouldn’t be there. With variegated yarn like this, there will be a hard stop at the seamlines but if you use solid colours, you won’t see such an obvious stop.


You will have yarn left over for each ball. Chances are they will be at different colour schemes. So pulling yarn from both to make the fringe. Pull together and cut.

I shortened the fringe to strands of 8″ that are folded in half and secured. I put fringe as each ch-2 space on the edges on the front and back panels.

Cool Poncho by Mikey
Cool Poncho by Mikey
Cool Poncho by Mikey
Cool Poncho by Mikey
Cool Poncho by Mikey
Cool Poncho by Mikey. Slip Stitch Joining as you go. Using the slip stitch, you don’t need to sew afterwards.


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  1. B. Evans

    I’ve completed the first side and used nearly all of the first cake, and it doesn’t seem like it’s all that big. This should be in 5X territory but I son’t see how this is going to fit. Has anyone else run into this issue.?

    • I am at row 25 and it seems so much smaller then his too! I am going to have to add a lot more rows to make it long enough for me!

  2. sandy

    Thank you Mikey for making something in this large size. Sure wish you would make more clothing in 4x and 5x sizing.

  3. Hi, I’ve got the free pattern, and what size is the instructions for? They do have “sizes” and howw much yarn you will need for each size, however, the pattern only has “one” size in print. I do think you would need to chain more than 58 st. for the larger sizes. Do you have the pattern for a 3x?
    Thank you. I love your tutorials Mikey 🙂

  4. Toscha Wilcox

    Mikey, as you know I love love love this cool poncho. I have made 3 of them shared them in 13 days and shared them on your facebook page. I have had multiple request for infant size ones. So is there infant sizes to this amazing cool poncho?

  5. Anita Tilley

    Hi. I’m very new here… So excited to learn all I can. To make this poncho in medium and one in 2xl… how many yards will I need for each? I enjoyed the video…. Is very easy to follow along…. Thank you! Anita T.

  6. Jill Auerbach

    Can this be made has one whole pattern instead of 2 panels? If so how?

  7. Kari

    How do I know which size to make?

      • Kari

        I have, I just don’t understand what the neck edge is. How long was yours?

      • Mikey- the pattern does give the measurements but does not include the amount of yarn needed to complete larger sizes or the stitch count to help us make it in larger sizes. It starts by chaining 58, I am thinking to make the larger sizes for us bigger ladies, the chain would be increased or- do we just go up a hook size? That would make it look sloppy?
        Thank you

  8. nickelstracy

    Love the poncho would love thepattern!

  9. Soffity

    It’s ok, I’ve found the pattern thanks.

  10. Soffity

    Is there a written pattern or just the tutorial? If there is I can’t seem to find it. Great poncho. Can’t believe they are coming back into fashion, I remember them from the seventies. Yikes.

  11. Why not just start both sides at once with a chain of 116 mark the two half way points either as a start and stich 58 to give your increase points. Made these when I was a teen. Off to make one for my grand daughter out of Red Heart super saver Neon stripes. Wish me Luck as I am a slow crocheter now adays. Hopes to finish this before christmas.

  12. Is there a way to get the front and back to match from a Caron cake, or are they not wound the same? My pattern related OCD would be driven nuts by one side starting brown and the other side starting white…

  13. Barbara McCandless

    Thank you! I have been looking at poncho patterns and this will be great to make for this fall!

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