15 Crochet Divorce Worthy Patterns

End of Chapter Divorce Crochet Projects
End of Chapter Divorce Crochet Projects
End of Chapter Divorce Crochet Projects

15 Crochet Divorce Worthy Projects

Many of us, maybe too many, have been through a dreaded divorce. It is gut-wrenching and crocheting projects can ease the distress. For some of us, it’s a process of months or years to break free from the mental anguish. Other’s it’s a celebration of the end of a chapter to move onto the next. Either way, it’s about the idea of what we know and the unknown of what is to come.

Catherine Wheel Stitch Crochet Afghan
Catherine Wheel Stitch Crochet Afghan

You’ve might have seen my Divorce Crochet Afghan. It’s the Crochet Catherine Wheel Stitch Afghan. At the time, I didn’t know I was doing a marled effect but in coming out of the closet at the end of my marriage and feeling lost in life. I crocheted a twin size bedspread. I would later come to use this in the truck as I drove transport for a few years. It kept me warm at night time.

I would contemplate life as I stitched this. My roommates were heavy pot smokers and when I see this afghan, I can literally smell the air of the apartment in my memory. I didn’t even know what pot looked like and I was cleaning up one day and I thought there were fallen dried up plants on the table from the houseplants. My roommates would confront me later that day asking if I knew what pot looked like and, of course, I didn’t. Turns out, I tossed their stash into the trash and took it out the dumpster. Whenever I smell pot today, it takes me right back to this moment of time of a divorce.

For reasons unknown, a song in the supermarket can drive you to tears. A social update can strike inner rage. Either way, you feel unbalanced as your mind processes it all. My divorce was pretty easy as we had no kids and we both separated our property and sold the house. Both of us walked away owing no money and we split the divorce cost of $750 between us.

So my choices are based on what I think is a bit challenging but also not mind-numbing either. You want to be distracted without your mind being totally occupied on the anger, hurt and frustrations you feel.

Crochet Sophie's Universe Blanket
Crochet Sophie’s Universe Blanket

Projects For Self Healing

  1. Crochet Catherine Wheel Stitch Afghan – Change the Colour To Your Goals
  2. Inside Out Feeling Dolls, Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear – paid pattern
  3. Crochet Anger Hat
  4. Crochet Sophie’s Universe Blanket – great distraction and mental build up
  5. Rings of Change and More from Franke O’Randle – paid patterns. Delectable patterns to keep your busy with amazing senses of accomplishments along the way.
  6. Crochet Wishing Well Square Motif
  7. Crochet Stool Pattern – for home decor
  8. Crochet Charlotte’s Dream Afghan – cheerful
  9. Crochet Namaste Rainbow Yoga Mat Bag

Charity Distraction and New Goals

Turn your eye to charity involvement to give yourself realistic goals to help others. Helping others to many people gives the mental lift you may need.

  1. Crochet Kid and Adult Chemo Caps
  2. Crochet Awesome Breastforms – for women in need.
  3. Crochet Prayer Shawl
  4. Crochet Pink Ribbon Shawl
  5. Crochet Baby Blocks Blanket

Final Thought

Did you do a project or two during your divorce or separation? What did you do? Leave me a comment below. 

While my platform is not a therapy reach out and get the advice to deal with such situations, it’s a fact of life that many of us have to deal with. Upon the decision of finally needing to leave or end a chapter, it for me, is extremely difficult emotionally. While marriage for me is not something I ever wish to visit again in my future. In one divorce and one ugly separation I had, I’m convinced the legal and banking professions are the ones who are winners at the end as one’s life is falling apart and you are held by the throat with contracts and financial binding obligations.

I’ve learned over the years, there’s no set time frame of when the hurt and anger ends. Each person needs the time but eventually, we have to find a way to release ourselves from the self-inflicted emotional scaring we cause ourselves. The second thoughts we have when we have memories is paralyzing.

Some people will never get past the moment and keep it as the top leading conversations in the future. Never really letting themselves to break free. Some emotional damage is too big to let go. I know I am not as trusting as I was as you carry forward the lessons you learn.

So if you find yourself in the grocery store and cry as you look at a box of Kraft Dinner, you most likely weren’t the only person to wept as they shopped, drove or walked down the street.

What I came to realize in falling over several times is that its fear. Fear to let go. Fear to move on. Fear of the unknown future. Alice in the second video is a person who has fear and watch how she puts it aside for 3 minutes to shine before letting the fear hit her again.


  1. Christine Nebel Wright

    When I got divorced, I took out a project that I had started when we were first married that had never gotten finished. It was just sitting around for over 20 some years. I tore it out and started over. It was very much like what I was doing with my life after divorce. I made a queen size blanket in dc and then put another 5 inches in a different color for drape. I finished it in about 6 months and felt like I could conquer the world. My son who lived with me loved it. When he moved out to his own home, he asked me for that blanket specifically. I gave it to him easily. I had had my healing and it felt good to be able to move on. Thank you for asking.

  2. Grace

    Help! I was reading this article with my young grandson sitting beside me and when he saw the Anger Hat he begged me to make one for him, for the times when he is feeling frustrated or angry. I promised to do so but find that the pattern is not available! Yikes! I can’t disappoint him, he’s so excited for it and asking when I am going to get started. Can you please tell me where to find the pattern?

  3. Katy A Rogers

    Thanks, as always, for sharing! We all go through our own things in life, and although each experience is unique to us, it’s a beautiful thing to know that others can relate… That there are major similarities… Like you said, that you’re not the only person who has wept at the song or the kraft dinner in the grocery store. That sharing and sense of camaraderie and not being alone are so helpful to healing!
    You are a gem! Thank you for shining your light for us all to see! Even if you feel you still have areas that could use polishing sometimes, you are truly a precious gem to this community!

  4. Penny Gilbertson

    I used crochet to separate myself from a situation that I thought would surely drive my over the edge. The result is a 4′ x 12′ double stitched blanket, quite evident I had lost count from the very beginning.. Any how it’s great use only one layer in the summer and doubled over in the winter. Mighty adaptable and pretty project.
    First one I did with two strands at a time with the occasional addition of either eyelash or fun fur as a contrasting strip like black fur over red or turquoisefun fur over purple yarn. I’ve just discovered you today .. This is hopes of many happy stitches together. Penny in Boise

  5. Renny

    Been separated for over two months now and knitting and crochet really help me lower my anxiety and destress.

  6. Lynea Saari

    This is so weird, I love the Crochet Crowd and things on this sight have kept me sane the last 2 years. On the 27th of December, 2017, my husband of 40 years told me he wanted a divorce, 3 days before our 40th anniversary. Crocheting saved my sanity and kept my hands busy so I didn’t strangle him. It is awesome that this article is here, didn’t realize that I would find the support I needed here. There is so much truth in this, and I am so thankful I found this! My next big project will be Sophies Universe, it will be made to donate to a non-profit cancer support group. This year I did the Mandala Phoenix, and I think Sophies will be as challenging. Thank you!

  7. Rovic Avancena

    We don’t have divorce here yet in the Philippines, so I’m separated for for quite a long time and tried every job to busy myself apart from being a single mom, crochet always calms me. Thank you for sharing great and patient tutorials. Though I don’t have the right yarns, I find it inspiring to go over again and again many times to get the right stitch. Thank you again and hurrah ! Patience and life still goes on… Thank you, God bless you.

    • Alison Camilleri

      Gosh, I just read this and because I feel like I know you from all the videos I watched, I just wanted to give you heartfelt support. I had what I thought was a happy marriage and family but a completely atomic divorce 8 years ago. It’s so painful and heartbreaking but I assure you that it lessens every year. You are a kind, creative darling person and your videos & website taught me the therapeutic art of crochet during a a very difficult time. Big hug and well wishes from Playa Del Rey, CA. The future is bright even though it may not seem like it now ?

  8. Karryn W.

    I am so sorry to hear that you have gone through a divorce. I so appreciate your acknowledgment that even with an “easy” divorce the loss is rather prominent and it takes time to recover.
    I wish you the very best in the future and hopes the pain lessens with time.

  9. Elise

    The spring cal 2019 was actually my divorce blanket. Finishing it was so challenging because my life was upside down. It felt amazing to complete it even if I was late. It definitely helped me close that chapter and look forward to something new and beautiful.

  10. Jan Selth

    Really insightful article.

    I took up crochet again after an absence of 30 years, after being diagnosed with severe anxiety, due to workplace bullying.

    I am now well, and retired, but I have kept up with my crochet, and now knitting, as a consistent and natural therapy.

  11. Margaret Hancock

    I didn’t crochet during my divorce. I have picked it back up after a twenty year break due to PTSD. My time in the military was the best time with a horrible consequence. I find crocheting to be helpful during high stress times….it’s better than throat punching someone. I buy the materials as I am led. The particular pattern flows from there. I give away everything I sew. Crocheting is really good for me. I’ve done more in seven years than I ever did growing up. I love your sites, tutorials, and the personal touch you provide in everything you do.

  12. Lisa Hudnall

    Thank you for the project ideas. I think it would also work well for dealing with any kind of heavy emotional situations, ie death/loss, etc. Thank you for everything you do for us hookers. God bless you all.

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