Crochet Fall Apple Wreath Pattern

Crochet Fall Apple Wreath Pattern

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Crochet Fall Apple Wreath

Crochet Apple Wreath

Crochet Apple Wreath

The Crochet Fall Apple Wreath pattern is so cool. I just adore this wreath. I have sentimental feelings when it comes to apples.

I used to be a transport driver shipping apples from Oregon and Washington State back to Ontario. This reminds me of the treks across the country. Apples also remind me of the image of bringing an apple for the teacher.

The wreath is made up of 11 apples. The apples the same pattern but how you stuff and shape them can change their shape slightly. On the pattern, your case sees they are mounted to a yarn wrapped flat ring. They are permanently hot glued to the wring.

If you are looking to freshen up your autumn decor, this could be it!

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Crochet Fall Apple Wreath Pattern

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  3. Judy Worthey says:

    I do a lot of voluntary crocheting for charity/community needs. I’m always looking for new patterns and ideas to fulfill the needs. Thank you.

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    think this would be class to do for halloween or for thanksgiving

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    Very cool….this will be my next project!!

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