Crochet Kids Curvy Pullover Pattern

Crochet Curvy Kids Pullover
Crochet Curvy Kids Pullover

Crochet Kids Curvy Pullover

Introducing a brand new pattern called the Crochet Kids Curvy Pullover by Yarnspirations. Jeanne suggested that a tutorial would be good for this projects so I began the preliminary background of the tutorial yesterday in pre-prepping tutorial samples and finely go through the pattern.

It’s easier than I expected… like way easier! In fact, given a full day, I would have finished the smallest child-size version in just a day.

This is more fashion-oriented than anything. Currently trending in the almost poncho-like pullover.

I was letting fear of the schematic making pre-assumptions but the directions were so clear and easy to follow. I felt like I spent half of my time crocheting and the other half checking off the instructions as I went. I felt like progress was being made quickly.

So I am preparing to film this project. There is a matching adult version for this as well. I’m going to film the child-size as the adult is just bigger, instruction wise, but the concept is the same. People can transpose the instructions to adjust easily.

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Crochet Curvy Kids Pullover Pattern

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  1. Maggie

    What would the measurements be Like for a girl’s size 12?

    • Mikey

      That’s a great question. Unfortunately, I didn’t go to school for clothing design. So honestly, I would have no idea. However, you can contact Yarnspirations Customer Service as it’s their pattern and they could probably check with their clothing designers to know. I’m sorry, I am no help in this realm. I just follow the patterns when it comes to clothing design. I have no idea how to adjust for sizing.

  2. Kaoli Chona

    Lovely may I have the pattern

    • click on the blue button it will take you to where you can download the pattern

  3. Kathleen Baratta

    I have three Granddaughters, this would be perfect. I can’t wait.

  4. Michelle Palmer

    Yes very much Mikey. I will be watching your video to make me one. Thank you so much?????

  5. cheryl stoner

    I just can not wait

  6. Mikey I so appreciate you…been watching your stuff since before I knew you were Mikey…love your crochet crowd please keep up the great work…thank you

  7. Lynda Landgraf

    I love all of your stuff , now that I have a new computer I can see all the tutorials and print the patterns love to you you guys are the best!

  8. Jo-Ann O'Neill

    I am so in love with this pattern. Cannot wait to finish some WIPS and do this for my grand daughter. xo

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