Crochet Star Stitch
Crochet Star Stitch
Crochet Star Stitch

Learn the Star Stitch

This star stitch is very intimidating to look at in pattern books because it does require you to envision where the stitches are to go.

Truth is, once you get it… Batta Boom Batta Bing.

To Make Different Sizes

Multiple of 2 sts + 1.

Remember the + number at the end of the sentence means that you are to add  chains at the very end to maintain the pattern as written.

You can make dish clothes and small projects using this stitch. The stitching is tight and looks amazing.

Video Tutorial

36 thoughts on “How To Crochet Star Stitch

  1. Thanks for the title, Money… clarified a pattern I have even though my pattern uses hdc instead of dc and the end sets/! ha are different. Very helpful and pretty. Appreciate your hard work and devotion to the craft.

  2. really wish there were written instructions on this as i mostly crochet on the go, not always at home where i have access to watch the video

  3. It’s a pretty pattern and easy to learn, but when I tried it, I discovered I didn’t care for the look.
    Maybe someday something will strike me and I’ll give it another try; maybe it was the yarn or colors I used.

  4. No, I am not seeing anything that explains how to do the star stitch. Every time I click on the How to do the Star Stitch I get just another picture of it. No instructions!!!

    • this is Sheila: Never mind my previous comment I found the tutorial but it had the picture and the title of the Mystery Afghan. Sorry for my confusion

  5. You are absolutely amazing. I was just looking at a hook case pattern that featured this stich. Thier explanation confused me so much I my brain hurt. An hour later I’m looking here to ease my aching brain and boom. It’s as if you knew I needed you. Thank you. You are my hero with hook and yarn. I now can create my hook case and whatever other things my deranged yet creative little mind can come up with. I am so excited I learned a new stich.

  6. give us the instructions. i would like to do some of the patterns, but don’t have time to go from link to link all the time.

    You weren’t out to lunch, you shot yourself in the foot

    • Love this stitch and you are easy to follow. I seems to have increased a whole star on my practice swatch.

  7. I don’t understand lingo when it comes to crocheting…I had a friend that helped me occasionally but I’m a hands on learner. What do I do to help me with that

    • Becky, watch the video tutorials a few times. Then start the tutorial, watch the first step, pause the tutorial, and try to copy the steps Mikey has shown.

      When your results look like his, then start the tutorial again.

      Repeat these steps.

      I hope that helps you.

  8. Thank you. Will be using this for my great grand baby’s baby blanket.
    (I call my ex’s grand baby mine, hinse the young age 😉 )

  9. Great job! glad you used the larger yarn for explanation and love the frustration bleep. do the same all the time.!

  10. This is really neat and mikey did such a great job. Thank you for using a bernet baby blanket yarn so it was easier to see. Good Job!

  11. Mikey, you are always bang on. You make this world a better place by just being you. Thanks to you and the whole Crochet Crowd for bringing so much joy and happiness into my life. I am very grateful.

  12. Thank you so much Mickey I needed to do a 12×12 square & saw this pattern. After watching you do it, I started and had it done in no time at all

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