Crochet 101

New to Crochet, Let’s Get Started

Crochet Beginners Let's Get Started
Crochet Beginners Let’s Get Started

We have a list of common questions and where to get started with crochet.

We also get a lot of common questions about measurements and standards of crochet.

Sizing and Measurements

Crochet Pattern Reading

Neat Behind The Scenes Goodies


  1. Christa Griffin

    Are we allowed to use any of your patterns when teaching friends? Of course will give credit proper credit for the pattern

    • Mikey

      You sure can. We don’t have a rule where it says you need to credit us for the assets.

  2. Liddia Freouf

    I am looking for the corner to corner afghan beginner level pattern. I used it to make an afghan and loved it but cannot find the pattern and video tutorial for it to make another

  3. Lynnett p Price

    I would really like some help with the Hugs and Kisses pattern.

    • Mikey

      Please send us an an email at [email protected] and we will be glad to look. Be as specific as possible to where you are struggling so we don’t have to play email tag with you. 🙂 Michael

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