Crochet Starfish Beach Bag Pattern

Crochet Starfish Bag
Crochet Starfish Bag
Crochet Starfish Bag

Crochet Starfish Bag

The Crochet Starfish Beach Bag is a nearly neat pattern that will most likely grab attention if you are walking with it. It’s so beachy and unusual, it’s bound to turn a few heads.

The beach bag consists of 10 hexagon motifs that go from a circle interior to miniature legs as it grows to a full-size starfish. The final two rows bring the starfish back to a hexagon shape leaving each motif to be really neat.

Included with the free pattern is a crochet diagram which I think will really help you with this whole process. During the video tutorial presentation below, you will see I will refer back to the crochet diagram to explain what it is asking you to do and then do the step next. Of course, if you prefer to read instructions only and skip the diagram, that is also provided in this free pattern.

The assembly process is relatively easy and you just have to slap on two handles at the end to bring it to the conclusion. I think you may really love this bag! One crocheter commented on The Crochet Crowd that she submitted this particular design to the local craft fair and it won first prize. She was tickled and it’s nice to have your own creativity acknowledged in a public setting like that too.

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Crochet Starfish Bag Pattern

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  1. Kate Thomas

    Love this pattern and I followed the tutorial a few years ago. At the time there was a gallery of some that others have made and would love to see that gallery again for some inspiration on other colorways. Is that gallery still available somewhere ?

    • Mikey

      Morning Kate, I checked our albums of picture collections. We don’t have anything in our collection for this project. It was never a challenge or giveaway item. We did beach bags challenge but this was not one of them. I’m sorry.

  2. JoAnn Trenary

    No Blue Button

  3. Jale

    I love you and all your projects. I wish i could be there to do sth for you.

  4. What Happened to the Mandala Workshop Lesson 5 please? I saw it, tried to download it, and haven’t seen it since!

  5. Denise Woolley

    Thank you for the tutorial, I’m looking forward to starting this project (along with the other projects I’ve got on the go lol). My love, thoughts and prayers to you and Dan. God bless x

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