Crochet Striped Mitered Dishcloth Pattern

Crochet Dish Stripes
Crochet Dish Stripes
Crochet Dish Stripes

The Crochet Striped Mitered Dishcloths have a cheerful look. Accent your kitchen with a playful look.

The easy-to-make dishcloth grows out from a long chain and gets shorter each time a row is completed with a together stitch at the point. The ring is added at the end of the project if you prefer to have that.

I think it’s a great use of mixing up colours for the fun of it. I enjoy doing dishes and having cloths that stand out make it easier for me to find them. Ensure you are using 100% cotton yarn for this application such as Lily Sugar’n Cream or Bernat Handicrafter.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Striped Mitered Dishcloth


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