Crochet Wave Granny Squares Pattern

Crochet Wave Granny Squares Pattern

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Chevron Afghan Using Granny Squares to Start

Chevron Afghan Using Granny Squares to Start

Crochet Wave Afghans using Granny Squares

Many people struggle with the concept of doing Crochet Wave Afghans. A simple solution is to change the starting point of being linked granny squares.

I used the joining method to start the waves after the granny was started which is the same in the Waving to Granny Crochet Afghan.

I did the Waving to Granny Afghan as a tutorial sample and realized that the square is irrelevant for the style of the square as long as the final rounds resemble the look of a typical granny square. I also figured out minimum sizes for the granny squares to make this concept work.

For the granny squares, you need a minimum of 1 space between the corners. The more revolutions you do on the square, the deeper the wave or chevron look.

When you complete the first square, turn the square like a diamond in front of you. The depth of the wave is the distance between the top point and side points.

You will complete 1 square as is. Then the remaining squares will link them as you complete the final round. I show that in the tutorial below.

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Chevron Afghan Using Granny Squares Pattern

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