Double Crochet Stitch

Double Crochet Stitch

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Crochet Lesson 5: Double CrochetDouble Crochet Lessons

In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to Double Crochet. Known as DC in pattern books and free patterns available online. This is one of the basic essential stitches of crochet. Enjoy this free tutorial.

To Make Different Sizes

Multiple of 1 sts + 3.

Remember the + number at the end of the sentence means that you are to add chains at the very end to maintain the pattern as written.


Video Demonstration

Pattern Suggestions

  1. Single Crochet
  2. Crochet Raised Twist Mandala Pattern
  3. Crochet Wheel Mandala Pattern
  4. Crochet Shell Mandala Pattern
  5. Crochet Crossroads Mandala Pattern

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Mikey, aka Michael Sellick, of The Crochet Crowd, started this online journey back in 2008. A mere hobby in trying to reach out to others as he was mentally struggling with his own issues. His goal was simple, find others in the yarn communities, like him, that have a common interest.

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Enjoy the stitching journey. Life is short, enjoy this wonderful hobby and all of the learning opportunities that come with it.

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  1. Marguerite says:

    Milkey. I enjoyed your demonstration very much . Repetition and detailed comments as you go along were so helpful , i.e. Posts or rails . I’m looking to your site as a refresher and to learn better ways to do basic techniques. Thank you ver much. Very Helpful.

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