Featured Designer: Pippin Poppycock

Featured Designer: Pippin Poppycock

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Crochet Designer Pippin Poppycock

Crochet Designer Pippin Poppycock

Introducing Pippin Poppycock

Pippin Poppycock is a really nice designed website with the main designer Emma May. However, she is also backed up by seven team members such as Sarah, Michelle, Claudia, Sheena, Darlene, Hayley and Shauna.

I really like how this website showcases the team members. As a crochet community, that we are, I really appreciate the creativity within their site. Yes, that beautiful pillow a free pattern on their site. It’s called the Ravenna Cushion 2019.

Here are some of my checkboxes in case you are interested:

  1. I find the website is easy to get around. So top marks for navigation.
  2. I really like that the search engine is on the top right rail.
  3. The website has advertising but it’s not the first thing that grabs your attention. So I find the inspiration grabs my attention first.
  4. The site is for bi-stitchual yarn users. Yes, knitters and crocheters.
  5. The most inspiration that instantly grabbed my attention is the Yarn Mood Boards. It’s on the top menu! You cannot miss it!

They also have a Facebook Group called Pippin Crochet Club. Request to join to inspire yourself further.

Crochet Pippin Poppycock Designer

Crochet Pippin Poppycock Designer

Crochet Pippin Poppycock Inspiration

Crochet Pippin Poppycock Inspiration

Most Patterns are Free

I enjoyed surfing around their website. To my delight, I found things that interested me that are free patterns. There is a small donation button for $2 to buy a cup of coffee. I like how they leave it to us to make the contribution.

You can also join their main Facebook Group called Pippin Poppycock Yarn Lovers. It appears they are maintaining their Facebook in real-time!

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Mikey, aka Michael Sellick, of The Crochet Crowd, started this online journey back in 2008. A mere hobby in trying to reach out to others as he was mentally struggling with his own issues. His goal was simple, find others in the yarn communities, like him, that have a common interest.

The journey and main baby of the whole idea started with a YouTube Channel and then in 2011, an official website was developed. Michael is not only the face of The Crochet Crowd but also the working engine behind the crowd in self-taught programming, social media and so much more.

Enjoy the stitching journey. Life is short, enjoy this wonderful hobby and all of the learning opportunities that come with it.