Crochet Child Latte Poncho Pattern

Girls Latte Poncho
Girls Latte Poncho
Girls Latte Poncho

Girl’s Latte Poncho

Crochet a Girl’s Poncho using Caron Latte Cakes. This is a quick and easy project. My goal for the design was to use only 1 ball of Blueberry Caron Latte cakes.

This is an easy pattern repeat. It works out so lovely and lightweight. A great for your little one when they are out playing and it’s just a little chilly, it if you going in the car and don’t want to wear a jacket. Feel like a princess in the really pretty Latte Poncho.

Free Pattern: Crochet Girl’s Poncho

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  1. Hi,
    A friend has just come back from America and has brought back two balls Caron Latte Cakes back with her and asked me to crochet a Poncho, I have just found this one on your site would I be able to adapt this to fit an adult? Or can you recommend any of your other tutorials for a poncho in Caron lattee? I always use your tutorials as I find them easy to follow. In fact you taught me to crochet. Thank you for your help in advance .

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