Knit Long Tail Cast On

Knit Long Tail Cast On

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Knitting: How to Cast On - Thumb Long Tail Method

Knitting: How to Cast On – Thumb Long Tail Method

Cast On Thumb Long Tail Cast on

The Thumb Long Tail Cast On is very similar to the regular long tail cast on. It’s just a difference of holding the yarn. This method is pretty straight forward without anything too complex.

If you remember, the long tail cast on has you wrap the yarn around your thumb and pointer finger. In this method, you only wrap your thumb and use the other hand to wrap over the top of the need to secure the loop.

For me, I really like this method. It’s not too complicated and something I can easily remember.

For this one, you wrap the yarn around your thumb. You use the needle and travel up the thumb and collect the loop. Using the other hand, take the other strand and wrap around the needle. Pull snug to secure the loop. Repeat for the entire starting row.


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    You are left handed?

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      No, I am right-handed.

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