Loom Knit: Differences of Flat Knitting Looms

Loom Knit: Differences of Flat Knitting Looms

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Loom Knitting Rectangular : Flat Looms

Loom Knitting Rectangular: Flat Looms

The differences between the flat looms and how to consider using them. Use a portion of a large loom or use the full loom for bigger projects.

These looms can be used in different ways.

  1. Use the loom to jump back and forth across the loom to double-side the loom knitting project so both sides of the project are the same.
  2. You can use the loom as a round circle, assuming the pegs are evenly spaced from each other.
  3. You can just use a small portion of the loom, just use a few pegs instead of the entire loom itself.
  4. You can create flat panels with just one side being the standard loom knit appearance. The flat panels can be the entire loom without going in a continuous circle. This can double the width of a project.

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4 thoughts on “Loom Knit: Differences of Flat Knitting Looms”

  1. Laurie Karaska says:

    Can you do a video on how to do the flat looms?

    1. Mikey says:

      Yes, those are coming. I’m trying to balance content and time. I need to research and start filming with those soon.

  2. Liz Dye says:

    Love everything you Mikey 🙂

    1. Mikey says:

      Thanks Liz for your appreciation. 🙂 Michael

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