Loom Knitting for Beginners – What to Buy

Loom Knitting Tools
Loom Knitting Tools
Loom Knitting Tools

Loom Knitting is the art of knitting and using a tool instead of knitting needles to assist. There are a variety of looms on the market and selecting the right looms for the application is the decision you need to make for yourself.

There are companies that specialize in loom making only and the quality difference. For example, Looms by KB tend to be much better in quality in manufacturing and attention to the peg sizing. The ones pictured above are generics which are fine for though just dabbling in the hobby. But for serious loomers, you may want to consider the brand and quality. For me personally, the generic ones are fine. 

Generally speaking, the rectangular looms aka flat looms can also do things like hats. Instead of working across the loom, you can circle the rectangular one.

Round Looms

Loom Knitting Round Looms
Loom Knitting Round Looms

Room Looms can come individually or as a kit. In the kit shown here, the peg distances between them vary depending on the size. As a new loomer, you may think the loom diameters as being too big for the projects. I made that mistake when I started.

  • Smallest Loom is for things like Christmas Stockings for even sock slippers. You can also do preemie size baby hats.
  • Purple (next size up) is regular baby size hats.
  • There is no size of general child-size in this kit.
  • Orange (next size up) is adult size hats.
  • Pink (largest size) could be for bags.

You can use the looms for flat panel knitting by not circling the entire loom.

Rectangular / Flat Looms

Loom Knitting Rectangular : Flat Looms
Loom Knitting Rectangular: Flat Looms

Rectangular or Flat Looms are for doing three possible concepts. You can make scarves that are knitted on both sides of the scarf. You can use the loom as a circle for things like hats or things you want to knit a tube with. You can also do flat panels around the loom but not joining to form a circle and go back and forth.

I would think about your projects you want to do. Scarves, definitely the way to go. If you are more interested in hats, I would get the round looms. If you want both, I would get at least the right circumference of round loom and a flat loom.

These make for great creative gifts for child and adults alike.

Sock Looms

Loom Knitting Sock Loom
Loom Knitting Sock Loom

Sock looms allow someone uncomfortable with knitting needles to still make socks.

The pegs are closer together and the pegs are much more thinner. They can handle the smaller thickness sock yarns that are required to make socks.

Most sock looms, if not all that I have seen, are adjustable. You will notice this loom has letters moulded into the face of the loom. You can slide one side in and out. This means you can make different diameter socks by setting the loom in advance. The numbers on the loom help you get the right information and there are usually instructions with the loom.

Yarn Pick Tool

Yarn Pick Tool
Yarn Pick Tool

The yarn pick tool that is provided with the kits is cheap. I mean, CHEAP! I have found that the tool provided tends to break pretty easily. The metal is inserted into the rubberized grip. Through experience, the metal pick becomes separated from the rubber and free spins inside the tool. It’s impossible to knit with once it breaks.

At Michaels, they took me over the Cricut section. They have this tool called the Weeder. It’s essentially a heavy-duty pick. It’s bigger for my larger hands and is thicker to grab onto. It’s about $13 CDN for this tool. Worth the money if you ask me.

More Ideas

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Overview of Looms

Loom Knitting

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  1. Charlotte Kidwell

    Hi Mikey. I love to crochet but never took to knitting. It felt too awkward to me. I’m so excited about loom knitting and would love more videos about the craft. I’ve purchased the round loom sets but don’t have a long loom, like for scarves. I’m going to start looming making hats and will go on from there. So, yes, yes, yes! Please produce more videos about loom knitting. Char from Phoenix. 🌵🏜️🌄

    • Catherine Harris

      You can work a flat piece on a round loom….just don’t connect your first and last peg. I use a stitch marker to make sure I don’t by mistake connect the pegs. You can also play with sizes of flat panels on the round loom. You don’t need to make use of all your pegs. Enjoy your new craft and I hope you will make many beautiful things. If you need any help I’d be happy to assist you however I can. Be well!

  2. shannon hays

    I want to know if my loom for making rubber band bracelets will work??

    • Mikey

      I’m not sure. You will need to try it.

  3. Jane

    Hi iv got the flat looms n the round looms like In ur video. The wool I have is double knitting wool. I want to make some blankets using dk but only using one dk ball at the time instead of using 2 balls. Everytime I try n use only one ball my stitches r always to lose. I just wounder y n what I could do. I would like to make some blankets eg ten stitch blankets. I don’t want to double up the wool each time as I make things for a charity. Any help would be appreciated thank you

    • Mikey

      You would have to double wrap the loom instead of double stranding. You would essentially wrap the loom twice with the same ball of yarn to make up the thickness of the pegs, assuming you have the everyday looms from the craft store and not specialty looms. I just learned Double Stockinette Stitch on the flat looms last night. I filmed it but the footage is still on my camera. You may want to think about something like that. I don’t have a date yet on when that video will be out.


      • shannon hays

        thank you for your response. I will give it a try and if it works, i will definately let you know. Thank you again and MERRY CHRISTMAS

  4. Bryn

    Hi Michael
    I knit for children. Please recommend a pattern for circular loom knitting. I am a beginner.

  5. Jean Bottone

    Thanks for posting this again, I finished a new one for our new family addition coming any day now.

  6. Sharon McInnis

    Hi Michael
    I am a Paraplegic and my hands are not good to knit. Crochet I can a bit. So where I am a beginner which loom kit show I get. I like making everything. Thank you.

    • Mikey

      Michaels has loom kits if you wish. I’m unsure of JOANN. I’m here in Canada and don’t know what JOANN’s has in the yarn aisle. I would look there first. A generic loom set would be fine.


  7. I think I have followed you since you started on YouTube and I have learned a lot from you and I am still learning from you, keep up the good work and yes I would like to learn more on the loom. God Bless you, you have saved many from boredom.

  8. Joyce Ford

    Michael, thanks for this info. My daughter has little use of her left arm and hand after an accident and found this is something she can do wirh one hand.

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