19 Free Assorted Loom Knit Patterns

19 Free Loom Knitting Patterns
Loom Knitting Tools
Loom Knitting Tools

There are a handful of YouTube Hosts that can take you beyond the basics of Loom Knitting.

We talked about before on Loom Knitting for Beginners on What to Buy, now it’s time to experience some patterns that are above the absolute basics.

We have the absolute basics of Loom Knitting within our YouTube Channel. We have 4 Playlists that are curated and tutorials, when made, are added to it.

  1. Round Looms Only
  2. Straight / Flat Looms Only
  3. S Looms
  4. Sock Looms

Free Loom Knitting Patterns

  1. Loom Knit Sisal Cowl by Goodknit Kisses. Smartly designed with stitch texture.
  2. Little Loom Knit Hearts by Brenda Myers. Using flower loom. You can make these cute little decor oriented hearts.
  3. Knifty Loom Knit Leg Warmers by Deborah Birchall. This has really neat stitch combinations for variety.
  4. Loom Knit Christmas Stocking by Mikey. Oldie design but goodie. It doesn’t take long to make a Christmas stocking. You may be surprised.
  5. Cable Loom Knit Hat by Amani Amani. You can pick up some skills with this design and have a beautifully textured hat.
  6. Loom Knit Slippers by Nadine Borovicka. I really cannot believe you can do slippers like this on a loom. So neat.
  7. Double Wrapped Loom Knit Hat by Mikey. Using 1 strand and double wrapping, allow the yarn to self transition naturally.
  8. Loom Knit Santa Hat by Jennifer O’Neil. A long hat with a pom-pom. Follow Jennifer along in her free pattern.
  9. Loom Knit Minion Hat by Julie Harvell. Yes, you really can do a Minion inspired hat on a loom. See for yourself.
  10. Loom Knit Dog Sweater by Mireia Marcet. Not an English pattern but there is a lot of photos and she’s a really good tutorial host. Same host at Tueteate below.
  11. Loom Knit Swiffer Cover by LoomaHat. Easy to make a reusable cover for your cleaning needs.
  12. Messy Bun Hat Loom Knitting Style by Isela Phelps. Super idea and trending as well. Make your own messy bun hat with your loom today.
  13. Homespun Loom Knit Afghan by KB Knitting. Cozy up in this simple and yet lovely concept.
  14. Scrubby-O’s Loom Knit Dish Scrubber by Bethany A Daily. Link is the Blue Writing on the article just below the title.
  15. Loom Knit Striped Cowl by Joanna Curley. Love the colours of this particular cowl. I would wear this myself.
  16. Loom Knit Bun Hat by Adrianne Surian. Beautiful hat leaving space for high ponytails or buns.
  17. Pinwheel Loom Knit Dishcloth by Isela Phelps. I can never have enough dishcloths it seems.
  18. Zippy Loom Infinity Scarf by Lindsay Obermeyer. It’s amazing what you can do on the Zippy Looms.
  19. Loom Knit Mittens by Bev’s Country Cottage. Written instructions only on how to make a pair of mittens. Check it out.

Loom Knitting Tutorial Hosts

Besides us teaching the basics of Crochet. The following are worthy to follow websites that have YouTube Channels dedicated to the art of loom knitting.

  1. Knitting Board LoomsManufacturer of KB Loom Products.
  2. Wambui Made It – Fun host that makes me smile.
  3. Goodknit Kisses – From the basics to beyond, Kristen is ready to teach.
  4. Tutéate – Non-English but easy enough to follow and watch.
  5. Purling Sprite – Follow along with this Professional Loomer.
  6. LoomaHat – Engaging Host Waiting to Inspire.
  7. Valena DIY – Set to music to follow along.

There are many more that you can discover on YouTube.com.

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