Loom Knit: Chain Cast On

Loom Knit Chain Cast On
Loom Knit Chain Cast On
Loom Knit Chain Cast On

The Loom Knit Cast onto a flat or round loom is made quicker with the Chain Cast On.

Instead of wrapping the loom at least twice to begin the cast on, you can use a crochet hook to do the same process.

Follow the tutorial below to see how it is done. You just have to be comfortable with a crochet hook in order to make this work. You may enjoy casting in this way instead.

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  1. Barbaez

    Does it matter what yarn you use

    • Mikey

      Depends on your loom. If you are using the one I am showing, you need to use chunky weight or double strand up the yarn. The thickness of the pegs regulate the size of the stitch. If the yarn is too thin, the gaps between stitches are significant.

  2. Linda Carter

    Like the way you explain the techniques, I learn so much, I am 76 and have been knitting and crocheting for 60 years and I still learn things thru your instructions. Thank you

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