Crochet Art – Ugly or Fab?

Phil Fergusson Crochet Art
Crochet Nutcracker
Crochet Nutcracker

For some crochet, art is a waste of yarn that could be used for charity. Crochet is an art form, like it or not.

I was literally blown out of the water with the ugly and hostile comments when our team had crocheted the nutcrackers that were 10 feet tall. Months of work only to face off with really ugly comments that were encouraging as holding an anvil while treading water! It’s demeaning and intentionally to ruin someone’s joy! I’m not having it today Satan! 

Nutcracker Sketch
Nutcracker Sketch by Daniel

What the hell is going on? Is our creativity so limited by the practical use of an item? Look around your house and see what you thought was cute but is collecting dust or something you don’t take a mental sigh of relief that you got something that gives you joy!

The nutcrackers, while it appears that it’s sheer luck was actually partially planned with creative juices constantly thrown at it. While I won’t lump everyone into the same character but I know people who have complained to me about me wasting ‘my own yarn’ that don’t even participate in charitable giving. PERIOD! So either hook up or shut up!

Am I sounding a bit feisty today because I think I might had a bit bowl of [email protected]#$ Flakes this morning? 

Crochet Nutcracker with Crochet Igloo
Crochet Nutcracker with Crochet Igloo








You’re An Artist

Cool Canvas Yarn Art
Cool Canvas Yarn Art

I don’t even know if crocheters realize they are an artist. Do you think they do? I sure as hell do! I mean, seriously think about this. You have the ability to take a strand of yarn and form it into a shape. Whether it’s utilitarian for practical use or something absurd that gives you joy.

Like an artist learning to paint, they picked up the skills of the strokes of the brush. Then applied their own colouring and movements to their brush to form it. What’s so different about crochet with the same regard. Not much I tell ya!

Do you realize how many people wish they would take the time to learn a yarn art like knitting or crochet? Time gets in the way and so does desire. I believe if you really want to create something unique or even to follow the pattern, you have to flick away Satan whispering doubt into your ears. Or maybe even a friendly punch in the mouth of some negative family and ‘so-called’ friends that have your back if you know what I mean! Negativity is so counter-productive. 

Learn to Shut Up or Put Up

Mikey's Rooster Crochet Bird
Mikey’s Rooster Crochet Bird

One of the funniest projects I ever did, at least to me, was this soccer ball bird. I called it the Boss Bird Rooster.

It was a project we had done for charity with the intention to give it to a child in need. So the double whammy of creativity and multi-purpose of this project was there. It checked all of my boxes of what I thought would be neat…. BUT NOOOOO! Of course there has to be negativity tossed back into the fishbowl of joy!

It was a project where the ultimate creativity to add to a soccer ball was there. Upon revealing the base model of this bird. A person right in the front row, within a few feet of me, said, “That’s the ugliest thing I have ever seen!” You might as well just told me to open my legs while you take a few moments to put on some steel toe boots and take a running kick at my crotch! Feel better? Mmmm huh!

Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Boss Bird Rooster

I pushed off the comment but the person wasn’t getting the reaction she was desired. Said it again, and again and again. The person not releasing that she was tearing the fabric of my being with her critique. Say it once, I get it… again and again, and again. I pulled away from my mic and leaned over and asked her to stop. She didn’t and I expressed to her, “You’re hurting my feelings!” because she wasn’t picking up on my sinking and theft of my personal joy. She just couldn’t stop herself.

As a person trying to live in a society where my gayness is an issue for many people, to constantly be judged and to spill over to robbing creativity is the tipping point. It’s awful as sometimes the only thing left you have to cling onto is your uniqueness and expression of creativity. I’m not alone.

It doesn’t take much to see what brings joy to others that you follow suit in their joy, even if it’s not your thing. It’s a small gesture of kindness that can go a long way.

Mikey's Crochet Wall Hanging Picture
Mikey’s Crochet Wall Hanging Picture

There are things I see online that aren’t my taste. The big crocheted tapestry in my office is by my own hands. I call it my Studio Art.

To some this wall art is ugly. To others they love it. To me, it’s my joy on the wall. It’s one of my afghan designs miniaturized so I could display it. The randomness of the colours and where the squares are positioned bothers people.

Create what you love and let Satan find its way back to the firey pits of hell.

Don’t let others steal your joy! Life is short. Live to your fullest potential and for me, I have to learn to compartmentalize myself so I don’t take the criticism to heart.

Phil Ferguson

Phil Fergusion, aka ChiliPhilly is incredible with this artistry. Like who doesn’t want to wear a drumstick as a head piece. It’s comical and definitely will stand out from the crowd.

Phil is excellent with shapes and structure. Don’t let his serious face fool you. I bet he is smiling from ear to ear on the inside. This would bring me absolute joy.

Phil Fergusson Crochet Art
Phil Fergusson Crochet Art
Phil Ferguson: Pizza Head
Phil Ferguson: Pizza Head

Sweet Treats by Yarnspirations

I had crocheted several of the Snuggle Sacks for the tutorial series one summer. So I had these sleeping bag like structures for kids lying around. A Halloween Crochet Cruise comes around. I deconstructed the sleeping bags to make them a pull over instead.

I resewed the edging to include arm and and head holes and opened the bottom of the sacks up. Being a larger boy, I added an additional strip to red to front and back panels so I would go around me and then went crazy making more popcorns to fill in the open sections at the top.

Sherry, aka Ice Cream Girl, I customized a hat out of my head. There’s no pattern for it. It was a cherry top. Daniel, the hot dog was running around the ship swinging his hot dog and asking people to ask him about his wiener! I know, mature but laughable to those with a sense of humour.

Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: 15 Snuggle Sacks

Creativity such as this just needed a bit of imagination. By the way, wearing this in the Caribbean was hotter than hot! But so much fun! Would do it all over again.

Crochet Popcorn and Hotdog
Crochet Popcorn, Ice Cream, and Hot Dog
Crochet Popcorn Box
Crochet Popcorn Box

Nathan Vincent

I’ve met Nathan Vincent along my journey in an exhibit he did in California for Lion Brand Yarn. Down to earth and easy to approach. You would never know he’s in the crowd unless you knew of him or about him.

I took pictures at the show to share with you.

Sphynx Yarn Art - Nathan Vincent

Sphynx Yarn Art – Nathan Vincent

Easter Island Yarn Art - Nathan-Vincent
Easter Island Yarn Art – Nathan-Vincent
Taj Mahal Yarn Art - Nathan Vincent
Taj Mahal Yarn Art – Nathan Vincent
Great Wall of China Yarn Art - Nathan Vincent
Great Wall of China Yarn Art – Nathan Vincent
Mayan Ruins Yarn Art - Nathan Vincent
Mayan Ruins Yarn Art – Nathan Vincent

Michael Sellick

The general public was asked many moons ago, if money were no barrier, what would you do with your time? Most people would say to create. It doesn’t mean crochet and knitting but just explore creative arts and hobbies. I fit this narrative.

I prefer to do sculptures that have a purpose and the stitchwork is intentional. Not just stretched but fitted. So if the body of the structure were to be taken out, the covering made would be intact.

This bike represented a stitch sampler. I put the call out online for anyone with a damaged child’s bike they are going to pitch in the garbage. This bike came to be.

Everything was covered on the bike. Including the gears. Measurements and customization to the extreme was done.

On this project, I have been excused of taking a bike from a child, though the bike was damaged and was going to be tossed in the trash. I have been accused of wasting yarn, though this bike is a stitch sampler for teaching purposes.

This bike eventually found its way to an art studio for display. I’ve not seen it since.

Yarn Bomb Bike, After Photo

Crochet As You go, Yarn Bomb Hub Cap Affixing Crochet to Bike Wheel

Crocheted over the Bike Gears

Outdoor Yarn

Using projects outdoors have a limited shelf life because the acrylic yarns are not forumalated to hit constant sunlight and battle the outdoor weather elements. While outdoor yarn bombing can be fun, you should plan to remove it after the statement is completed. It will not hold up and then border like appear to be like graffiti of an eye sore, unless the art installation has that in mind.

What Happens to Acrylic Yarn Outside

What Happens to Acrylic Yarn Outside. After 10 1/2 Months.

What Happens to Acrylic Yarn Outside

6 Months Later – Mid Winter. What Happens to Acrylic Yarn Outside. By February, the lamp post has received blizzards, thaws, and lots of wind over the winter. Though everything around is white and grey scale as our winters are not very colourful, it appears to be okay but it’s not nearly as vibrant. It is completely frozen in this photograph.

What Happens to Yarn Outdoors Test

What Happens to Yarn Outdoors Test. 13 Months Later. The bugs are making nests under the cover. Now it’s time to remove my test, as per Daniel.

Olivia Laws

The first person that comes to mind for yarn art and a point of view is Oliva Laws. Her work is extraordinary and can bring thought and a smile of joy at the same time. Definitely a noteworthy crocheter in today’s era.

Yarn Art - Olivia-Laws
Yarn Art – Olivia-Laws
Burger and Chips by Olivia Laws
Burger and Chips by Olivia Laws

Character Art by Oliva Laws

Rainbow Art - Olivia Laws
Rainbow Art – Olivia Laws

London Kaye

London Kaye has a completely different approach in doing a mesh-like work in creating artistry. Incredible interpretation of art and includes some activism for getting messages and points of view across. Of course, with activism, you can land on both sides of political opinions. She uses yarn art as a form of expression.

Rainbow Exhaust by London Kaye
Rainbow Exhaust by London Kaye
London Kaye - Wall Art
London Kaye – Wall Art
London Kaye - Yarn Activism
London Kaye – Yarn Activism


Most crocheters and likely regular non-artist folk has seen Olek’s work . To spend a day in her mind would be a dream come true for me. She just doesn’t cover something, she goes well beyond and in grand scales of sizing and detail.

Yarn Art by Olek
Yarn Art by Olek
Brooklyn Street Art - Olek
Brooklyn Street Art – Olek
Yarn Train by Olek
Yarn Train by Olek
Wall Street Bull Yarn Art - Olek
Wall Street Bull Yarn Art – Olek

Our Personal Collections

Mikey Yarn Filming Studio
Mikey Yarn Filming Studio

Some of us collect an unexplainable amount of yarn in our collections. For myself, I would have a lot of yarn if this wasn’t my business but not to this degree… I think. 

The way I see it, the yarn in my own is mine to do as I please. Some yarn is sponsored, others are my own wishes to purchase for online sales at Yarnspirations. I have the staple yarns like Caron One Pound and a mix and match of other varieties of yarn.

Yarn Art - Mikey Studio
Yarn Art – Mikey Studio

I have seen people online claim they have enough yarn to stock an entire house and they aren’t even in the business. However, that’s none of my beez wax! 

Yarn is a tool to form an expression. You need tools to create, yarn is our choice to get there.

The Crochet Crowd Yarn Studio
The Crochet Crowd Yarn Studio – Public. Closed for COVID-19. Future is unknown.
The Crochet Crowd Studio
The Crochet Crowd Studio

You may seen absurd possibilities with a few simple ideas or form a really big idea.

Yarn Artisty, Even Every Day Crochet

It takes a bit of skill, luck and thoughtful process. Ever wonder why people ask for colour and pattern options, like all the time on the social media. We are looking for inspiration.

Construction of Yarn Boots - Yarn Flamingo Boots
Construction of Yarn Boots – Yarn Flamingo Boots
Construction of Yarn Boots - Yarn Flamingo Boots
Construction of Yarn Boots – Yarn Flamingo Boots
Construction of Yarn Boots - Yarn Flamingo Boots
Construction of Yarn Boots – Yarn Flamingo Boots
Construction of Yarn Boots - Yarn Flamingo Boots
Construction of Yarn Boots – Yarn Flamingo Boots


Construction of Yarn Boots - Yarn Flamingo Boots
Construction of Yarn Boots – Yarn Flamingo Boots


Ease up the judgement of yarn artistry. Remember, that whomever created something and it’s on exhibit took hours of time not only to make it but to think about execution. In some cases, others are involved in teamwork.

Before throwing an accusation of yarn waste, you only need to look at your own yarn stash and ask yourself the same question. Be creative and enjoy the fibre arts. Encourage others to explore a yarn journey.

If money were no object, I know exactly what I would be doing with my life. I would be creating things that bring a smile and a few nostalgic feelings. That’s what brings me joy.

Mikey - Crochet Nutcracker Construction
Mikey – Crochet Nutcracker Construction
Mikey - Crochet Nutcracker Construction
Mikey – Crochet Nutcracker Construction
Mikey - Crochet Nutcracker Construction
Mikey – Crochet Nutcracker Construction
Mikey - Crochet Nutcracker Construction
Mikey – Crochet Nutcracker Construction
Finished Crochet Nutcracker 1 of 2
Finished Crochet Nutcracker 1 of 2

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  1. James Harder

    I only wish I had the imagination to both visualise and then contruct such beautiful work. Certainly, beauty as aesthetic is subjective. What pleases the eye of one may leave another unmoved. But I believe there’s inherent beauty in imagination, in the craft, in the time and attention given to create. There’s beauty in form and function but there’s also beauty in whimsy. Yarn which has been used in a form to make me think or to make me smile is no more wasted as that which has been used to keep me warm.

  2. I have followed, loved and appreciated your brilliant work and The Crochet Crowd for a long time! I’ve crocheted & knitted for over 50 years and I’ve taught my children, friends and my grandchildren; your tutorials have really been helpful in doing so. Thank you for sharing your talent, creativity and fun inspiration, and so much more.
    We’re so happy you shared this post too! Well made FUN ART as well as BREATHTAKING ART! We LOVE seeing and sharing the fiber arts! It’s so beautiful!
    ~People that don’t appreciate things have NO business being around such things let alone saying anything about it unless they have nice things to say.
    ~What happened to manners? Kindness? If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. SIMPLE!
    >>>Bullies are lost insecure people that don’t realize they need help. I am sorry that person said those hurtful things to you. I hope your hurt didn’t last more than a moment or two. Her insecurity is so much deeper-and she should get help.
    *Keep YOUR head up and your spirits higher and stronger knowing you are well loved and appreciated more than you can ever know. Lots of virtual hugs from all of us!

  3. Joni Davis

    Mikey ,
    Your work, and other people’s work that you showcased are exquisite! I could only dream of creating that which you make. I’m so thankful that I found you! Crochet helps take focus off of myself and put it on others because I’m making things for others. Please keep creating. You Have a Fan In Me!🎶🎵🎶🥰💖💕

  4. Joni Davis

    Mikey ,
    Your work, and other people’s work that you showcased are exquisite! I could only dream of creating that which you make. I’m so thankful that I found you! Crochet helps me with my depression and anxiety because I’m making things for others. Please keep creating. You Have a Fan In Me!🎶🎵🎶🥰💖💕

  5. Cathy Smay Robbins

    Thank you, Mikey, for reminding all of us about the beauty we find everywhere. It breaks my heart that someone’s insensitive comments affected you so deeply. In this world of instant messaging and social anonymity, it is too easy to spout off about something without really giving it some thought, and worse yet, to blatantly disregard the thoughts and feelings of others.
    Being in the public eye, you carry a target on your back that says, “Hit me! I’m available to be condemned, revered, ridiculed and praised.” It is so sad that our world has come to this— that people think they have the right to mistreat others with total disregard for the consequences of their actions.
    I want to thank you for sharing your creative light with so many people around the world. You have made a huge impact in the crochet community, and you should understand how much you are appreciated.
    As the mother of a 28-year-old gay man, I thank you for sharing bits of your personal life with us as well. You provide a beacon for everyone who is different, and you demonstrate great strength in being true to yourself.
    Continue to stand tall and don’t stop sharing your passion. You DO make a difference in this world! ♥️
    As for the listening to the haters and judgers who feel free to criticize and tear down, remember that “they know not of which they speak.” Art is valuable for art’s sake….

  6. Terri Moschetto

    OMG, I’m so glad I took the time to read this article and watch the attached videos! SO AMAZING! Art is so subjective – you’re going to find haters, and you’re going to find lovers, LIKE ME!!! And BTW, where can I find Nathan Vincent? I need to kidnap him all for myself…

  7. Tracey Zappola

    I am disgusted that some people have the audacity to criticize your work , your team’s work- a designer’s work. Our society has become so shallow that some people just can’t filter their thoughts before they spit them out – no matter what the cost to others. I scroll through one of the crochet groups and see posts where someone proudly posts they have tackled the puzzle of pooling, or figured out how to read a pattern and then there are posts on top of posts where people feel it’s ok to disparage the person who just had a feeling of hope. Why not applaud them for their perseverance, compliment the effort, and then if you have advice suggest some. It’s especially disgusting when someone with zero artistic effort at all – never picked up a hook- has the nerve to say terrible things about your work when you have gone out of your way to make something you are proud to gift, donate or display. I hope that you never let the negativity in Mikey because you have a gift. You have inspired so many crafters to try new patterns. You have welcomed us in to your personal space and share so much of yourself. Perhaps that creature that was nasty was jealous of her non talent, or embarrassed because she isn’t as generous or funny as you. She thought she could steal thunder by making rude comments. Bye Felicia. She messed with the wrong hooker. Polish your hooks, squeeze your fluffy balls of wonder (yarn , that is), straighten your crown, and tell her she hits like a bitch. You got this.. I look forward to you continuing to spread your masterpieces as far as possible. Know that you have touched people from every place in the world. Not many have that super power! 🧶👏👏

  8. Karen Maiorano

    Hi Mikey! Im so sorry you felt hurt over someones unecessary comments. Iknow how hurtful others comments and opinions can be. Please know you have many more of us who appreciate your talent ,and kind, helpful, and generous spirit! You’ve given so much of yourself to others,dont let the few get in your head, it will eat at you! Be you! Keep creating!,and thank-you for all you do for so many of us!!!! Hugs!!!!,Karen😙😙😙

  9. Mary Parry

    Mikey as a long time crocheter myself I truly admire your work. Your talent is endless and never ceases to inspire me to try new things. However over and above your talent is the amazing person that you are. You give so much and ask so little. So what if you were a mixed up kid or if you are gay or if you “waste” a bit of yarn to cover a broken bicycle. Its the heart that you do it with that makes you special.

  10. Kelly Lane

    Mikey, I’m appalled anyone would have the desire to sit next to an artist and say the things she said to you. Wow, I’m just so sorry. Many of us have had experiences with bully’s and they’re incredibly painful. She was a bully, and had no business being there. Please remember the problem is with her not you. Your art is brilliant and draws thousands daily. You’ve inspired and taught so many with your true gift and thats kindness. Personally, I think you and Daniel would do great if you were to branch out and do more projects like the Nutcrackers. Those are just gorgeous!!! Someone said something to me the other day when I was struggling with self-doubt, “don’t worry so much what others think Kelly, you do you boo!!” Mikey, you do you boo!! You’re brilliant, you are loved, and thank you.

  11. So on point Mikey. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, your creativity, and showcasing the many Crochet Artist in this article. Continue to shine in your gifts! You make the world a better place.

    Not today Satan! Snap- Snap

  12. Linda

    I read your post and then read the entire article. I’m sorry for idiots that feel a need to hurt people. Keep doing what you do best! LOVED the article!!!!

  13. Sharon Annable

    Sometimes you need a grain of salt for a comment and other times you need a whole shaker. Shame on her for being such a b#!$h!

    You are an amazing artist and teacher. Your videos are the only ones I watch now. If I had all the $$ I ever needed, I would do nothing but crochet. I have always dreamed of designing my own art blankets and it can be annoying in the extreme to have to limit my spending to just one project’s worth of yarn at a time. Your yarn collection is seriously making me drool!

  14. Lisa Hudnall

    I love yarn art. I believe all crochet is an art. The same with knitting. We crochet doilies to protect a surface and make pretty designs with the yarn—ART. I love your creativity and that of the entire team. Just say “Not today, Satan, not today.

  15. Edith Chapman

    Well I for one am glad you started this journey. Because if not I wouldn’t be able to crochet anything. I watched your tutorial video of the peppermint Afghan. But I knew I wasn’t ready yet for it. So I found another pattern. It was ballerina booties. See I was pregnant with my daughter my fist and only baby. So I wrote the pattern out and when ever I got to a stitch I didn’t know I would search YouTube for how to do it. Then I was getting a little brave. And decided to take the plunge and crochet the peppermint Afghan along with your tutorial video. It took me a while but I did it. I even gave it to my mother in law for Christmas that year. So far I’ve crochet Santa hats, baby hats and booties, baby blankets, granny square spread for a king size bed, and now working on another one with just double crochet across, a mermaid outfit for my daughter when she was a baby, a white dress, skirt, a gingerbread dress that she wore to school, I just did some chemo hats for my Aunt who has thermal cancer. And I also made the Dusty Snowflake Throw Afghan. So as you can see without me stumbling across your YouTube tutorial I wouldn’t have gave crochet a second chance. Yes second because years before YouTube and Facebook I bought books to try to learn but I couldn’t do nothing. But the single crochet stitch. So I gave up. Now I try to make a lot of things. I’m hoping to make a mommy and me cardigan Fir me and my daughter. I’m a big girl so it’s a little difficult to find patterns. But I’m sure I will be able to do it. As long as I stay in the positive mind track. Thanks for all your videos and tutorials. Oh and the soccer chicken is very cute. And it’s your yarn and make what ever your mind leads you to create.

  16. Marsha Lipsius

    Oh, and Pinky Boots remains the Markham Guild of Village Crafts mascot!

  17. Sue Johl

    There are cruel, damaged people who feel the need to bring others pain. Please don’t let them get to you !!! I’m very glad you realize that you are an artist because you absolutely are. You inspire us!

  18. Marsha Lipsius

    I cannot believe that people tell you that you are “wasting” yarn! (actually, unfortunately, I do believe it) You are an Artist with a “string & hook”. I can follow a pattern, but to actually come up with my own design—no way! I am STILL blown away by those Nutcrackers. They are the most impressive thing I had seen in forever!!
    I was at that table with that “person”, and we were all in shock & horror of her saying that! We tried to tell her to be quiet, but it didn’t work, as you well know.
    I try to encourage everyone that posts something, even if it’s the colour, or whatever, it might not be what I like, but they didn’t make it for me! I live by the rule…if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. So, sometimes, that means just scroll right past. The poster doesn’t need to know I don’t like it.
    You keep doing you! Delete the nasty ones, and keep your head high!! You have encouraged thousands & thousands of people. Just remember the good ones! Love you guys!💕💕

  19. PansyRose Parsons

    Huge hugs, Mikey! I adored your nutcrackers. I was in awe of the creativity and artistry. I also adore your texture afghans that I am having great fun creating for charity. I personally do not have your creativity, but sure can crochet up a storm and it has been cold this winter. Art is awesome in all it’s mediums, whether we just look at it awe and wonder, or if it has a useful purpose. Thank you for showcasing these wonderful artists who use fabric/yarn as their medium. So very inspirational, as you are yourself! Thank you for being you and sharing with us!

  20. Katherine A. Kelley

    Love this post and all the amazing creative creations. Thanks for all the great words!!!

  21. Karen Blair

    Love your work, your philosophy and your energy! Thanks for all you do.!

  22. Mary Monk

    Dear Mikey, I agree that all “yarn crafts” are ART! The first time a made a blanket, which was not well made at all, I said to myself, “Wow, look at this, this is just one long piece of string!”
    The fact that I could take a piece of string and with a hook make it into something was wonderful. I find it incredible that someone who attends one of your workshops would be so rude. She must have needed attention badly! You are an amazing teacher, videographer, designer and creator; but you are also a very nice person, and a community leader, and part of a great couple. I always remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said about “nay-sayers”. She said, “No one can make you unhappy, unless you allow them to.”
    GOD bless you and Daniel and your team and your work!

  23. Jenifer Taratsas

    Great article! Some artists I’ve never heard of, some I have. I love London Kaye! I cannot believe that some people think that using yarn for art is a waste. Shame on them!

  24. Maureen McMahon

    Mikey, I was so happy looking at these photos of yarn art so thank you for sharing them.
    Three things I learned long ago in my crochet life:
    1. A friend of mine who is a painter (and therefore someone who the world at large would generally characterize as an “artist”) told me to not downplay my skills, that I was a fiber artist. So we all have that.
    2. People are very willing to jump in to tell you you are wasting yarn. I took part in a yarn bombing a while ago to commemorate a tragic event. The person who told me I was wasting yarn I know for a fact never does charity projects. So I took that comment with about 1000 grains of salt.

    Thank you for everything you do for our online community of fiber artists.

  25. Erin Miller

    I love seeing what people come up with doing these projects. Some see waste but I see the time, effort and creativity it took someone to do such amazing things. Mikey, from watching you on YouTube I have learned so much. I never took the time to learn from my grandmother like I wish I had. Years after her death I decided to give crochet a try and only had YouTube to turn to and I found you. Thank you for all you have taught me in a few short years. Keep creating and inspiring us all!!!

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