Pop Out Bird Crafts
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Pop Out Bird Crafts
Pop Out Bird Crafts

Pop Out Birds for Bird Houses

Introducing the Pop Out Birds Craft Project. We’ve seen those decorative bird houses in craft stores and dollar stores. To me, they look awesome but they look vacant. I wondered, can I make a bird appear to live there with making the bird look like it’s looking at you? 

I had the idea to crochet the eyes but a few friends recommended felted balls for the eyes. I had safety eyes on hand here. I also had silk cocoons. The original thought was to mount the eyes with the nose attached to a wire. Upon placing it into the hole of the bird house. It appeared the bird has no head with too much gapping space.

Tin Bird House
Tin Bird House

Upon walking back thinking about how to make a head. I turned to my pom pom section and grabbed a pom pom on a whim. Placed it over the eyes and was so excited. A little too excited. I glued the pom pom to the wire and placed him in the house and suddenly, a vacant house looks well lived in with a curious bird popping out.

I got the Felted Balls and Silk Cocoons at DarnGoodYarn.com. Safety eyes, I got at AliExpress.com. Link for AliExpress will take you directly to Safety Eyes. Please note, I am not an affiliate of either one of these websites. I’m sharing for your convenience to be transparent.

I had 4 bird houses, each unique in shape. So now I just made 3 more with mixing eye colours, silk cocoons and pom pom colours to give them each their own look.

If you would like to try this, I have the Written Instructions with Photos on how to make these.

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