Crochet Trick or Treat Bags Pattern

Crochet Trick or Treat Bags Pattern

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Pumpkin Face Bags

Learn how to make these really cute pumpkin face trick or treat bags. Video is included.

Learn how to Crochet Trick or Treat Bags

These cute trick or treat bags are really quick to make. Combined with the feature of the yarn being Reflective by Red Heart, you have a really cool bag that kids will enjoy. Designed by Nancy Anderson.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern

Free Pattern: Crochet Trick or Treater Bag

Reflective Yarn is a chunky weight yarn combined with a novelty filament that is spun with the heavy acrylic and polyester mix yarn. There are 9 colours to choose at this time. Of the colours, neon pink, neon orange (seen in the pumpkin bag), peacock and olive are my most favourite colours. Daniel had a Red Heart sample of this yarn in Olive and for guys, it’s masculine with a reflective quality.

There is nothing hard about this pattern. The trick is getting started off on the right foot. In the video tutorial, I have deviated a bit from the pattern to show you some extra tips which include drop-down single crochet as seen in my sample. I show you how to change colours as well as tips to make the handles stronger!

My bag took me about 3 hours to make everything. It then took me about 1/2 hour to plan and sew the motifs into place for the face. Overall, it’s a great pattern!

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Example of How This Yarn Reflects!

Reflective Yarn Example by Red Heart

Even in Daylight! Hit the yarn with a flash and the yarn will light up. This is actually this trick or treats bag while I was making it in the car during a road trip. There are no photoshop or camera tricks. This really how it looks!


Video Tutorials (Right or Left Hand)

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  4. Could not find reflective yarn, so used regular. Made 3 bags for 3 of my 14 great grandchildren. Put them in the mail yesterday. They are really cute and so easy. Thank you for a cute and easy pattern. Can’t wait till they get them.

  5. Lois says:

    Since the orange Reflective is apparently had to find right now, could another Red Heart orange be double stranded for that part and come out the same size?

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