Caron Cakes Yarn Exclusively at Michaels Stores USA
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Caron Cakes Yarn Exclusively at Michaels Stores USA
Caron Cakes Yarn Exclusively at Michaels Stores USA

Introducing Caron Cakes

There’s a brand spanking new yarn in town and that’s the Caron Cakes. Exclusively at Michaels Stores. This yarn has crocheters and knitters running to the shelves to check this out. Certain stores in Canada have been reported to have this yarn on display.

Many of you know, I was a huge lover of Bernat Mosaic Yarn that was discontinued a few years ago. The yarn slowly transitioned in colour. The Caron Cakes have very long colours and then transitions to the next. The colour palettes are eye candy for Crocheters and Knitters.

There are 18 balls to choose from.

Caron Cakes Yarn Choices
Caron Cakes Yarn Choices

One of the major criticisms of Bernat Mosaic Yarn was the feel of the yarn. It was a bit rough to the touch. Yarnspirations took that information and applied that consumer wish list to have transitioning yarn to be much softer. With Premium Acrylic and Wool Blend to make these cakes, the yarn is soft… just what consumers wanted.

The Caron Cakes are 200 grams or 7.1 oz. These are double the size of the Bernat Mosaic Yarns. Price point being $7.99 per Caron Cake. In understanding how yarn is dyed and the manufacturing process and the cost to make yarn like this. It is really competitively priced. Bernat Mosaic was $5.99. So for an extra $2 you get a premium and softer product plus double the amount!

Of course, Michaels has their coupons and some of you love to use them. On your next purchases, consider doing a test trial.

It is not uncommon for retailers to have exclusivity of a type of yarn. Right now, it can only be found at Michaels Stores.

I have someone picking me up some of this yarn to try it. I’m Canadian myself, so, of course, I want to try it and need to work my friendship circle to figure out how to get my hands on this gem.

So I sadly said good bye to Bernat Mosaic a few years ago and scooped up a ton of it before it was completely gone… Today… HELLO CARON CAKES… come to Daddy! I’m waiting to get my hook into this yarn.

Review this yarn and see the colours at Michaels Stores. You can view a preview on Michaels at this link. I suspect, like most other yarns, in the future at some point but for now Michaels is the exclusive retailer carrying this yarn. Yarnspirations, at this time online, isn’t carrying this yarn due to exclusivity.

102 thoughts on “Whirlwind of Caron Cakes

  1. 11-12-16 …. got first ball and made vowel with 160 chains. Turned out pretty good. Never had knot in length . Would love to post result of my project. Turned out pretty good. Will do again have another idea to use two complimentary skeins….

  2. I believe Caron Cakes are exclusive to Michaels, which is where I buy them in Ontario and in California (I’m a snowbird!) I made some lovely aran crochet scarves using one skein of the neutral colourways per scarf. The result was an 8″ X 54″ scarf with two rows of cables and two rows of raised ridges, and moss stitch rows in between. They were a hit at a local craft show.

    I just got an email from Joann’s in the US that they have introduced Sweet Rolls, a 100% synthetic “knockoff” I think.

  3. In case I don’t see it for some reason, very happy with long painted/dyed yarns.
    More info , please- Fabric contentI see it is an acrylic/wool blend, what percentage, please? and care instructions, please? machine wash and dry, or lie flat? This would be the deciding factor for baby/ children projects and Non-knit worthy recipients. Also gram weight might be nice as gauge? I would assume it is worsted, but is that correct?

  4. if anyone is interested…Caron Cakes are a limited offered yarn…Yarnspirations says possibly 6 months…not sure but definitely till end of year…it is exclusive to only Michaels (according to Yarnspiration) and they don’t carry it on their website because of that

  5. The knots on all my cakes was so disappointing (from color to color). I have used 6 thus far. One cake had a total of 5 knots. Why the knots?

  6. I SO LOVE this yarn….I’m learning about patience because of it tho’ as there are 3 Michael’s in the area and only 1 had a small amount of them….of the other 2 stores 1 knew what I was talking about but they didn’t have any and the other store didn’t have a clue as to what I was talking about! I need more Cherry Chip….lol so I’ve put the project I’m using it for on the back burner (one good thing…I’ll get all my scarves crocheted (Christmas presents) using all the Scarfie yarn I bought when Michael’s had there but 2 get 1 free sale ;o)

    • I really wished it transitioned rather than had the abrupt color changes. Anyone can buy different colors and tie them together. It would be really great if it had the gradual transition. It would be an even bigger hit. I certainly would have bought a lot more than the one skein that I bought.

  7. So far I’m loving this yarn!!! I’m starting cake 3 of a blanket for a wedding present in Red Velvet, and just started a Mini Rings of Change in Boston Cream. While the color changes are not gradual, they seem to work very well for projects like the Virus Blanket or the Mini Rings of Change. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on the blanket so far. My only note is the red seems to “bleed” into the lighter colors, or the fibers are simply pulling through or attaching themselves to the lighter colors. Either way, personally, I’m a fan.

  8. I work at Michaels, We can’t keep it in stock…. so if you see it at the stores you better get it then cause it is gone within hours…….

  9. The Michael’s here didn’t even know what I was talking about when I asked for it! And I live close to Washington DC.

  10. I have been told my local michaels will not be getting any more. Extremely disappointed. I’m 5/8 done with a project. Wasted $25 to throw it away.

  11. I bought two of the Rainbow Sprinkles coloways today, I really like the feel of it, but it’s definitely not slow transitioning. It could just be the color I got. I still like it nonetheless.

  12. Hi im one of your followers , I can only get this in Michaels? Why is it that moskatel’s has it as well and their not giving the special you guys are.

  13. I got one but picked up the one with the knit scarf pattern label when i wanted the crochet scarf pattern label, because the labels have ones where the colour change seems to fall just right… but now I can’t find the exact patterns anywhere online and Caron Cakes aren’t on Yarnspirations yet for patterns.

    I find this SUPER annoying.

    • Michaels now has a LookBook (actually, a PDF) for the Cakes! Go here: and then click on LookBooks. It’s the first of the two that pop up. It has all the patterns from the labels, in all the various colorways..

      If the link doesn’t work. go to the Michaels website, then the Shop tab on the page, then Knitting and Crochet. you’ll get a page of ‘panels’ that are the topics. Lookbooks is one of the panels!

      Hope that helps!

      I’m finished with the basic knit scarf, and am almost done with a knitted Sochi Shawl in Buttercream. The scarf is squishy and thick, and I had plenty of yarn left for a good fringe after completing the color sequence plus one color block.

      The Michaels I frequent said the Cakes are flying off the shelves, and they WILL be getting more in.


      PS: Mikey, I love your website 🙂 It’s fun, and good reference!

  14. Has anyone checked the Michaels stores in Windsor, Ontario (Canada) or Detroit? I’m in Canada so with border tolls & exchange I’d have to decide if it’s worth it!

  15. I bought several balls of these today, and (of course) had to cast on to see how it handled. I am a knitter who also crochets, so I decided to try it as a knitting yarn first.

    I’m using the Basic Knit Scarf pattern provided on one of the labels – there are several different patterns on the labels, both for knit and for crochet – in the colorway Rainbow Sprinkles.(17006). I typically knit snugly, so I am using a needle one size up from the suggested.

    I am one color change into the cake, and will be stopping for the night 😉 Sleep is always a good thing! Here are some initial impressions.

    1. The yarn is very soft, but not splitty at all. I love blends, so I was happy to see this is a 80/20 acrylic/wool blend. However, it does not appear to be machine washable; rather, the label indicates handwashing and drying flat. Not exactly a good idea for afghans.

    2. My cake started with red in the center, and the first color change to blue occurred 8.5 inches into the garter stitch scarf (30 sts across, 38 ridges). Note! The color change is *NOT* gradual. It was red, then 2 inches of purple, and then directly into the sky blue. There is absolutely no graduation from one color to the next. This will result in solid block colors. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but please be aware that there is no shading. It is one color, and then abruptly the other.

    3. I bought a total of 7 cakes (4 Red Velvet, 2 Boston Creme, 1 Rainbow Sprinkles) and the last one – the one I’m working with – is kind of funky-smelling. I’m not sure if it was the production process or what, but the other balls do not have this odor. It smells like smoky wet wool. I’ll be washing and airing this before gifting the hopefully not-smelly scarf!

    I was thrilled to find a long-color yarn, but wish the colors were graduated, like the old Mosaic or Unforgettable. Perhaps in Caron’s next big release, we’ll see a cake with gradations.

    Hope my observations help! Thanks for reading 🙂

    – KellyM aka Kismatt on Ravelry

  16. Hey Michael I am from Australia I wa squat wondering if u can ship me out sum of the carrot cakes yarn we can’t get teh. In Australia I am willing to pay posting n handling can u email me back on tnis email address [email protected] .com

  17. Bang on! I bought all of one color that my store had on display for a birthday gift. I also bought two other balls for me to play with. The yarn is nice and soft and I can’t wait to work with it. I think it might be nice for the chain reaction scarf!

  18. I bought some cakes at the Michaels in Mountain View, CA on E. Charlestown. Good selection still. I’m got 6 cakes for blankets. It’s very soft.

  19. My local store didnt have any in the gateway mall in Brooklyn NY then I went to the Michaels in Queens NY near the Woodhaven section. I went upstairs and made a b line to the yarn section and there they were. They are so pretty and so big. My intention was only to buy 2 plus the free one, I felt like i hit the lotto when I walked out with 2 blue and 2 purple and 2 teal I gave the free ones to my best friend.

  20. Found them at Michael’s in Ottawa (Kanata). Picked up one of the multi-blue ones. What is missing though, is some basic/neutral solids to go with these (same weight, content, and sheen) in order to make some of the lovely knit patterns (especially shawls) that are available.

  21. Thank you for sharing this yarn Mikey! I went out to two Michaels near me and bought several (uh…maybe way more than several) balls of this gorgeous yarn! I’m looking forward to making some fun items with these.

  22. Hearing all this news on the Caron Cakes yarn Excited to try it, but I would like to see pic’s of project’s using this yarn. Seeing the coloring on the actual project, and not just the ball of yarn itself.

  23. Saw this in the store yesterday and entire end cap of it (anyone jealous) and it is quite lovely and my store had some free patterns hanging right to it. I think I might have to go back today and try a couple just for fun

  24. This yarn sure is pretty! Do you have any suggestions for what to make with it? What are you planning? My stash is already frighteningly large, but I could totally justified more if I had some project ideas!

  25. I am going to Michaels this afternoon to check this out! It looks like great yarn and the colors are awesome. Living in the northeast, the added wool is a good thing. But I do have a question. My daughter crochets afghans like crazy and I love to buy yarn for her birthday. Generally speaking, how much yarn should I buy so she can make an afghan with some leftover yarn? I know patterns vary, but I just want a rough idea. Thank you so much for all you do!

  26. I am going out today to get some of this beautiful yarn. Do you have any pattern suggestions that would do these colorful gems justice??

  27. I’ve bought from 3 Michael’s in Chandler and Gilbert, Arizona. All stores have a good selection, but not all colors. Like everyone else, I wish it didn’t contain 80% acrylic and 20% wool.

    • It’s only in store purchases right now. I tried that too and I work at michaels but looks to me that it’s only in store purchases but I’ll check with my managers when I get to work in a few

  28. I ran out and got 6 cakes. With the buy 2 get one and a coupon for 25% off my total purchase it was less than $25 for 6. They are soo pretty I am a happy girl

  29. I can’t wait until it’s available, either in store or online. I love slow transitioning yarn. When someone does get a ball & uses it, how about a review. How does it work up? How did it do I’m the laundry. It says acrylic & wool blend, so it may shrink. Itching to get this.

  30. I burst into tears when I read that Caron Cakes contains wool. When will they do something for us disadvantaged people that can’t wear animal fibers?

  31. The yarns look great and thought it might be great to purchase with the buy 2 get 1 free. However, Michaels online store is out of every single color available!!! This is crazy to me that such a new product is already unavailable. Guess I will keep trying to get them since they are a Michaels exclusive.

  32. I went to Michaels this morning to make a purchase. I turned the corner and WOW! What a display! The yarn felt and looked great. I must make something out it. You were BANG ON!

  33. Bang on. I ran out during lunch to get to Michaels as soon as I saw the posting on FB. Limited myself to 9 cakes, and have a pattern for a Freewheelin Poncho that I think I will try out first!

  34. Michaels in Canada have them at 9.99 per ball. I work at the Waterloo store and I bought one this morning – hard to leave with only one, though, I want them all!

    • It’s exclusive to Michaels at this time. I am not part of Yarnspirations on that level to be told that information. I think for now it’s only at Michaels. I am unsure if this is a limited time product or just the starting of a new yarn line that will be out for years.

  35. I saw the Caron Cakes this morning at Michaels. They’re gorgeous!! I’m wondering if they are washer/dryer safe. Mikey, you were Bang On!!

    • I googled the 80?20 care instructions blends.. it says yes, but, to use cool water wash, in a bag…and medium heat dry. Am still going to wait and read the actual label though. I had same question

  36. Cool – I’ve looked at transitioning yarn cakes and bought one from a retailer in Europe! It was over $20. This will be a nice economic alternative! Can’t wait to try it. Think I’ll stop by Michaels on the way home. Hopefully the local store will have it. (They don’t have a great yarn section).

  37. Oh, when they discontinued the Mosaics, I was so sad! I absolutely loved the yarn (even with its less than soft texture). I will be stopping by Michael’s as soon as it’s available. Sad, though, that they don’t have some of the more earthy/muted tones that Mosaics had. I loved the warm tones that the Calypso and Medusa colorways had. The new colorways are distinctly brighter (though I’m not against that at all, especially since I have two little girls now!).

  38. This looks great! I’ll have to try it out. What other slow color changers do you recommend? Thank you for another fabulous article.

  39. Thank you for your introduction to this “new” yarn … I may have to try it …. I like the colors, that’s for sure!

  40. Thanks for the info! Can’t wait to try this new yarn. Since it’s 20% wool, what would you think the washability would be? (I’m a big believer in “washer and dryer friendly”.)

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