Caron Cakes Yarn Exclusively at Michaels Stores USA
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Caron Cakes Yarn Exclusively at Michaels Stores USA
Caron Cakes Yarn Exclusively at Michaels Stores USA

Introducing Caron Cakes

There’s a brand spanking new yarn in town and that’s the Caron Cakes. Exclusively at Michaels Stores. This yarn has crocheters and knitters running to the shelves to check this out. Certain stores in Canada have been reported to have this yarn on display.

Many of you know, I was a huge lover of Bernat Mosaic Yarn that was discontinued a few years ago. The yarn slowly transitioned in colour. The Caron Cakes have very long colours and then transitions to the next. The colour palettes are eye candy for Crocheters and Knitters.

There are 18 balls to choose from.

Caron Cakes Yarn Choices
Caron Cakes Yarn Choices

One of the major criticisms of Bernat Mosaic Yarn was the feel of the yarn. It was a bit rough to the touch. Yarnspirations took that information and applied that consumer wish list to have transitioning yarn to be much softer. With Premium Acrylic and Wool Blend to make these cakes, the yarn is soft… just what consumers wanted.

The Caron Cakes are 200 grams or 7.1 oz. These are double the size of the Bernat Mosaic Yarns. Price point being $7.99 per Caron Cake. In understanding how yarn is dyed and the manufacturing process and the cost to make yarn like this. It is really competitively priced. Bernat Mosaic was $5.99. So for an extra $2 you get a premium and softer product plus double the amount!

Of course, Michaels has their coupons and some of you love to use them. On your next purchases, consider doing a test trial.

It is not uncommon for retailers to have exclusivity of a type of yarn. Right now, it can only be found at Michaels Stores.

I have someone picking me up some of this yarn to try it. I’m Canadian myself, so, of course, I want to try it and need to work my friendship circle to figure out how to get my hands on this gem.

So I sadly said good bye to Bernat Mosaic a few years ago and scooped up a ton of it before it was completely gone… Today… HELLO CARON CAKES… come to Daddy! I’m waiting to get my hook into this yarn.

Review this yarn and see the colours at Michaels Stores. You can view a preview on Michaels at this link. I suspect, like most other yarns, in the future at some point but for now Michaels is the exclusive retailer carrying this yarn. Yarnspirations, at this time online, isn’t carrying this yarn due to exclusivity.