3 New Mosaic Crochet Blanket Patterns

3 Incredible Crochet Mosaics
3 Incredible Crochet Mosaics
3 Incredible Crochet Mosaics

Yarnspirations rolled out 3 new Mosaic Crochet Blankets that make me squeal with delight! This blog has innuendo and may cause you to blink twice.

I love the challenge of a mosaic. It’s interlocking but not as hard as conventional interlocking that has me tapping my head and rubbing my belly. Honey, I cannot chew gum and walk at the same time! So these are terrific as they can make me look like a superstar when I am finished! It’s a type of project that gives a high-level satisfaction that makes me moan at the end. 

Red Heart Hearty Stripes Blanket

Crochet Hearty Stripes Mosaic Blanket
Crochet Hearty Stripes Mosaic Blanket

I dropped my jaw when I saw the Crochet Hearty Stripes Blanket. Get me the car jack so I can lift it off the ground.

I don’t know if the colour of the entire concept itself. I cannot help but hear Ru Paul… Good Luck and Don’t F it Up!

We did the hearts before in the Party Hearty Blanket that I have put as a bonus pattern at the bottom of this article. I have to review that one carefully to see if there is a difference or whether it’s a yarn change. I know the stripes between are divine.

I don’t want to make a sample swatch for the tutorial. I want the entire blanket! I don’t need another blanket but I NEED THIS!

What do you think of this one. Leave me a comment. Moan or Groan! haha

Crochet Heart Red Stripes Blanket
Crochet Heart Red Stripes Blanket
Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Hearty Stripes Mosaic Blanket


Not filmed at this time but I have this as a wish list item. Let me know to film it or skip it in the comments. 

Bernat Blanket Mosaic Stripes

Bernat Blanket Mosaic Stripes Crochet Blanket
Bernat Blanket Mosaic Stripes Crochet Blanket

What a great introduction to mosaics if this is your first time. It’s like a first date. You are testing the waters and seeing if it’s something you want to do a second time.

This is the Bernat Blanket Mosaic Stripes Blanket.

Yummy colours with the new Bernat Blanket O’Go. Color play you say… YAAAAS!

This makes me wiggle in my chair! Wiggle wiggle… stitch stitch. I cannot help but think of Austin Powers… YEAH BAYBEE… YEAH!

What do you think of this one? Leave me a comment. 

Bernat Banket Color Play Mosaic Stripes
Bernat Banket Color Play Mosaic Stripes
Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Bernat Blanket Mosaic Stripes Blanket


This is not scheduled to be filmed but I can be convinced if you need me too. What do you think? Leave me a comment and motivate me baybee! YEAH BAYBEE. YEAH! 

Crochet Mosaic Motifs Blanket

Crochet Caron Mosaic Motifs Blanket
Crochet Caron Mosaic Motifs Blanket

I think I just peed myself a little. OMG, did I just admit that! Just shut up and give me that free pattern right now! Oh, I am using my inner voice… I’m not religious but I think I just saw what yarn heaven looks like. Wait… maybe I blacked out a bit. LOVE THIS DESIGN!

This is the Caron Mosaic Mosaic Motifs Blanket.

I wondered if mosaics can be done in motifs and now I know. The pattern is a doozy! I need to film this one… hell no… not for you, but for me! Let’s get our priorities straight here! haha If I film it, it means I am forced to learn it… is that so bad?

So I need this on my list to film! Omg, the color play possibilities! I think a need 2 minutes here to ummm savour this pattern.

What do you think of this pattern? Moan or Groan? Come on… it makes you moan right!? Leave me a comment. 

Crochet Motif Mosaics

Crochet Motif Mosaics

Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Mosaic Motifs Blanket


Bonus Free Pattern With Tutorial

The Crochet Heart Mosaic Baby Blanket is a new pattern where the heart is created using Mosaic or Interlocking crochet techniques.

Of the mosaic crochet patterns, this one is easier and is a good beginner to this technique project.

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A heart shape will immerge from this design and really looks amazing. If you pick the right colours, it can really be cool. I regretted doing the tutorial in the pink and purple combo but the original testing trial was grey and purple and looked so much better. In short, have fun with the colouring.

I have created an exclusive worksheet download that is below that has extra tips and is used on the tutorial for working my way through the project. You may find it helpful too.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Heart Mosaic Baby Blanket

Two Other Crochet Mosaic Blankets

This Crochet Nordic Stripes Blanket has a free pattern and exclusive full-length free crochet tutorial as well.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Nordic Mosaic Blanket
Crochet Nordic Stripes Blanket
Crochet Nordic Stripes Blanket. Click here for the free pattern.

This is the Crochet Woven Mosaic Blanket that is the Stitch Along for Spring 2020. This is also a free pattern and matching tutorials to go with it too.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Woven Mosaic Blanket
JOANN Spring Stitch Along Crochet Mosaic Blanket
JOANN Spring Stitch Along Crochet Mosaic Blanket. Free Pattern.

Tutorial Worksheet

The worksheet as seen in the tutorial is downloadable. You can click the pic or download my exclusive worksheet here.

Crochet Party Hearty Download Worksheet
Crochet Party Hearty Download Worksheet. Click this pic to download.




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  1. Connie Finder

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    • Mikey

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  5. Brandi

    I am putting my vote in for the mosaic stripes tutorial. This looks beautiful and I’ve wanted to try mosaic for awhile. While I can read patterns just fine it’s so wonderful when I can pop into a tutorial video of yours to see how it’s done!

  6. Bonnie Ratcliff

    Would love to see a tutorial on the Crochet Hearty Stripes Blanket. I Love that one. I saw today that you already started the tutorial on the Crochet Mosaic Motifs Blanket and I love that one also, even though I’m not keen about joining squares. Love the design though and it seems it will join easily. Thanks for any that you decide to do. I appreciate all the hard work it takes for you to make these tutorials and for the patterns you create yourself. Hugs!

  7. Kathy Fritz

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  10. I am in love !!! These are beautiful
    Thank You Mickey and Dan for everything you do for all of us

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    I love them all, can we do them all LOL. Asking which one is impossible and cruel lol jk. I really like the first one, maybe its the colors it uses is more appealing I don’t know. The motiff one looks like filming pergatory for you though. I looked at the pattern and HOLY MOLY!!! Are u sure you want to take that on? And when I’m done making these 2 bernat blanket afghans for my grandsons I don’t want to touch blanket yarn again for a very long time. My hands are killing me. So my choice is Red Heart Hearty Stripes Blanket for those reasons. As to gorgeous?? They are all equally beautiful and make my crafting hands itch badly lol.

  17. Tana Malmo

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    Please do tutorials for the following: Crochet Motif Mosaics and Crochet Hearty Stripes Mosaic Blanket. Later this fall I may try these using the written pattern but would love to see and hear your take on each.

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