Crochet Nordic Stripes Blanket Pattern

Crochet Nordic Stripes Blanket

Crochet Nordic Stripes Blanket

Crochet Nordic Blanket
Crochet Nordic Blanket

It’s getting colder weather we like it or not, for the more experienced crocheters this Crochet Nordic Stripes Blanket will make a beautiful blanket to have in your home. Made with Red Heart Heat Wave, choose any of the colour combinations and challenge yourself with this Crochet Nordic Stripes Blanket there is a diagram to help with the interlocking section. The Nordic Stripes Blanket would also make a great gift for any occasion for those of us who like to think ahead and have gifts of love at the ready.

This is a Crochet Mosaic concept of stitching.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Nordic Stripes Blanket
JOANN Spring Stitch Along: Woven Mosaic Blanket
JOANN Spring Stitch Along: Woven Mosaic Blanket

Similar Afghan

The JOANN Stitch Along for Spring 2020 is also the same concept but a different stitching pattern. This is the Crochet Woven Mosaic Blanket.

If you understand how to do the mosaic crochet with this stitch along, you are capable of doing the Crochet Nordic Stripes Blanket.

Free Pattern: Crochet Woven Mosaic Blanket (AKA JOANN Stitch Along)

Bonus Worksheets

My special tutorial diagram is available. You can click on the picture or DOWNLOAD this DIAGRAM here.

Mikey's Nordic Stripes Blanket Diagram Worksheet
Mikey’s Nordic Stripes Blanket Diagram Worksheet. Click on the pic to get this diagram version.

You can also download this alternative version here to make more than one band of diamonds on your blanket. You can also click the pic for it too.

Crochet Nordic Blanket Alternative Worksheet
Crochet Nordic Blanket Alternative Worksheet. Click on the PIC to download this worksheet.


Right Handed Version

Left Handed Version

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  1. Becky

    The post it note tip to keep track of your place was a game changer. I had no trouble following the graph that way. Thanks Mikey!

  2. Helen

    Thanks for this beautiful pattern and tutorial. I was wondering if I could use Bernat Blanket yarn instead of the Red Heart Heat. Would that work and if so, would you be able to advise how I would need to modify the pattern because of the difference in yarn weight? Thank you!

    • you might not have the same definition in the stitches, where it is a fluffy yarn, none of us have tried it in the blanket yarn so we couldn’t give you an honest answer. Remember to adjust your hook size and maybe try a smaller section before trying a whole blanket.

  3. Nancy Elliott

    Absolutely love the alternative version with the additional diamonds, thank you so much for doing this 🙂

  4. Kate

    Looks like the videos aren’t working yet. Says “null” and nothing plays. Just wanted to let you know ?

    • Mikey

      Thanks. It was still processing at the time.

  5. I love crocheting. I just retired in January, so I have more time .I crocheted a few years ago but forgot it all. I’m going to a class at the senior center to help me get back on track.

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