Crochet Nordic Blanket
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Crochet Nordic Stripes Blanket

Crochet Nordic Blanket
Crochet Nordic Blanket

It’s getting colder weather we like it or not, for the more experienced crocheters this Crochet Nordic Stripes Blanket will make a beautiful blanket to have in your home. Made with Red Heart Heat Wave, choose any of the colour combinations and challenge your self with this Crochet Nordic Stripes Blanket there is a diagram to help with the interlocking section. The Nordic Stripes Blanket would also make a great gift for any occasion for those of us who like to think ahead and have gifts of love at the ready.

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One thought on “Nordic Stripes Blanket

  1. I love crocheting. I just retired in January, so I have more time .I crocheted a few years ago but forgot it all. I’m going to a class at the senior center to help me get back on track.

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