Crochet Bumble Berry Afghan Pattern

Crochet Bumble Berry Afghan
Crochet Bumble Berry Afghan

Crochet Bumble Berry Afghan

The Crochet Bumble Berry Afghan is one of my first ever crochet afghans I had made. It was my first granny square concept afghan. I was heavily inspired by Bernat Mosaic, which is discontinued.

The centre of the squares are circles and then transitions to squares. There are only 5 rounds for each square.

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Crochet Bumble Berry Afghan Pattern

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In the diagonal format you see, there are 128 squares. It took 14 balls of yarn to make it.

Square Afghan will measure approximately 5.25 Feet square using 14 balls of 100 g or 3.5 oz yarn balls. Use more balls if desired to be bigger.

Bumble Berry Crochet Granny Afghan Bumble Berry Crochet Granny Afghan



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    1. Tammy anderson

      Request tutorial for making socks please. Thanks so much. Tammy

    2. Laurel

      I watched your video for this granny square pattern. Prior to that I had never held a crochet hook. From that video I was able to successfully learn to do that square and now I am about halfway done on an afghan. I Am having so much fun. Thanks for generously sharing your expertise with us.

    3. Patti

      Is the Bernat mosaic yarn discontinued? I can’t find it. What else has color change in feet?

      • Yes… Bernat Mosaic has been out for years and was discontinued earlier this year. You could try Red Heart Treasure Yarn.

    4. Catherine Spencer

      I discovered you on youtube today and now its many many hours later and ive watched several of your videos and started a procject (never ending granny square baby blanket). Now im poking around your website wanting so badly for the store to open so I can go get some yarn to start the 6 grannys afghan!! Ive always loved to crochet but I suffer with major depression and anxiety so I pretty much lost the enjoyment from it therefore I stopped crocheting all together (other then a potholder here and there that would take me weeks if not months to finish). Watching you today and seeing these beautiful works of art actually got me excited! I can feel the fire in me slowly sparking up again and I just want to say thank you so much!! you don’t know what this means to me and the difference I can already tell its going to make in my life.
      God Bless You

    5. Barbara Peters

      Bang on! Thanks!
      I love this sight!!!!!

    6. Mary Baylie

      Excellent and very complete and easy to follow your directions. I watched your whole videos and copy your free directions. Thank you. Nana Beeze.

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