How to Crochet Two Tone Granny

Learn to Crochet A Two Tone Granny Square. The colour is split down the middle.

Learn to Crochet A Two-Tone Granny Square. The colour is split down the middle.

Two-Tone Granny Concept

I’ve always felt this would be too hard for me to accomplish but it’s not as bad as I expected it to be. In fact, I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s amazing how we shy away from items or procedures out of assumptions.

In pattern books, this concept is a lot of words. Instead of writing out the words for you, let me show you instead. I have two video tutorials for you to use.

Pattern Suggestions

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Video Tutorial Demonstrations (Right or Left Hand)

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  1. Gerri Foster

    How come all instruction videos can not be printed?

    • Becky S.

      My laugh for the morning! hahahahaha

  2. Emilie

    I truly enjoy the crochet crowd very much I am the only crocheted in my family so I love to see all the crocheters out there and Micky I love that you have left handed tutorials for us lefties

  3. I really, REALLY appreciate that you use closed captioning with words on your videos as I am legally deaf and cannot understand other type instruction videos…LOL…trust me, all videos are not created equal…much appreciated…regards, Deborah Murphree

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