Crochet Modern Granny Patterns eBook

Crochet MG Book by Jeanne
Crochet MG Book by Jeanne
Crochet MG Book by Jeanne

Crochet #MG Modern Granny Patterns eBook

Jeanne Steinhilber, Community Chaperone and Assistant Content Writer for The Crochet Crowd has a new free eBook called #MG. #MG is short for Modern Granny.

Over the past year, she has been using similar stitch combos and coming up with variations of what she initially called the Modern Granny. A different approach of traditional granny squares.

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Crochet MG Book by Jeanne

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For self-striping yarn like Caron Cakes, this stitch comes in handy and the yarn colours fall where they may. I’ve seen Jeanne really flourish in crochet since I have known here. For her not to have her own dedicated free eBook would be a tragedy. She’s done a lot to encourage creativity.

You can Download Your Own Copy Here.

Feel free to print or save the PDF.

There are matching tutorials for most of the patterns here in the #MG Video Playlist on YouTube.

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  1. Martha Anne Moore

    No blue button

  2. mary cousin

    I’m doing a blanket using the closed granny square. it’s laid out in a diamond pattern (I got it from a follower on either your fb page or the yarnspirations fb page). anyway. I’m having problems making the half and qtr granny squares needed.
    can you help?

  3. Does this tend to come out a bit wavy? I keep taking it out as mine seems to have an almost wavy or rather floppy rectangle

  4. Pam Outt

    Oops…talking about mitered #MG pattern

    • Sandra Beathard

      A question: is there a “rule of thumb” for changing a rectangular crochet shawl into a triangular shawl?

  5. Pam Outt

    Love this pattern. Approx how big can I make with 8 skeins?? Also when starting next skein did you cut off yarn so next skein started with same color you ended with.

    • Linda

      I didn’t see the pattern for a baby size rectangle afghan. How many beginning chains in the baby size?

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