Bernat House Warming Pattern Book

Bernat House Warming Book
Bernat House Warming Book
Bernat House Warming Book

Bernat House Warming Pattern Book

Another fine pattern book by Bernat with a lovely hexagonal afghan on the front to entice your creativity. The book is divided in half between Crochet and Knitters. I have to say when the cover says House Warming… I get the sense throughout the coloured pictures inside about making these afghans to make a room cozy, soft, inviting, and a wonderful accessory to show your friends. Many requests come in from people about having flowers inside Granny Squares to really show off colour and style. The hexagonal blanket can help with that look and is fairly simple to complete.

Bernat doesn’t leave anyone behind. There is a review section at the start of this book with diagrams on how to Crochet and Knit. So if you are a bit rusty, they are helping you out with what is expected within the pattern.

The knitting and crochet patterns range from beginners to Intermediate. There are a couple of complex patterns for knitters and crocheters within the book for those who wish a challenge. The book is featured around the yarn brand line of “Barella “4”. This is another book that compliments your pattern library as it has techniques and ideas that you could mix and match with something else you have in mind. Big writing to make it easier to read. There are diagrams on the inside of the book, directed at the knitters to help along with cabling aspects of the pattern.

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Great ideas… interesting patterns and could help you to make nice gifts for friends or treat yourself to a new cozy afghan for yourself!

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