Caron Cotton Cakes – BIG FORMAT

Caron Cotton Cakes at Michaels Stores
Caron Cotton Cakes - Big Style
Caron Cotton Cakes – Big Style. Prices shown are in CDN Dollars.

Caron Cotton Cakes

Caron Cotton Cakes returns this spring back at Michaels Stores across North America. Stores are currently resetting and getting in their new yarn to put onto the shelves.

There’s a BIG difference, pun intended. Due to demand from customers, Yarnspirations uped their game to make the balls bigger. Also, they included solids as the original never had any solids.

Michaels’ presentation has the solids in the centre of the shelf, and the colours are either side of the solids go with the colour.

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Caron Cotton Cakes at Michaels Stores
Caron Cotton Cakes at Michaels Stores

So How Big Are They?

The original size was 100 g/ 3.5 oz, 193 m/ 211 yds. The new size is 250 g/8.8 oz, 485 m / 530 yds. You can see, the new balls are the size of 2.5 balls of the original size. The price is reflective of receiving so much more yarn.

This is one of my favourite yarns in my top 5 at this time. I love the look of the finished projects. I love the feel and multi-uses you can do with this yarn. You can see the new yarn is several repeating colours as the balls are so big.

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Potential Gang Busters

I know from watching social media, a lot of people have been wanting this yarn to return back. I think initially, once the stores start receiving their stock, it has the potential to get wiped out pretty quickly but I believe they have produced enough yarn for quick shelf replenishment. Having said that, last night at our stitcher’s club, the girls wiped Michaels out of the one colour on the shelf in just one swoop.

So I think through who are early will be able to scoop up the yarn pretty quickly but more will be on the way. The official Michaels launch is April 19th but some stores may be still waiting as there are over 1200 stores to get stock to be delivered.

Caron Cotton Cakes Ideas

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  1. Judy Gatzke

    I am looking for silver cloud in cotton cakes and was told it is discontinued in the Micheals store in Canada. Is this true?

    • Mikey

      I’m not sure. Yarnspirations are the makers of it. You can ask them through their website if you wish. You can contact them here. I really am not privy to information on this sort of thing unless it’s told me to me specifically. This one I don’t know if it’s the truth.

  2. Shawneal Sullivan

    Would this yarn be considered worsted weight yarn

    • Lela Harvey

      Mikey I know you have a lot of yarn would you by any chance have any Caron cotton cakes in hollyhock

      • Mikey

        You can try contacting Yarnspirations to see if they have extra stock of that yarn. I don’t have that yarn for sale in my studio.

    • Gail

      The Caron Cotton Cakes I recently bought at Michael’s shows that it is, in fact, a #4 which is Worsted weight.

    • Elle Skocilich

      I picked up three cakes yesterday now attempting the calico flowers

  3. Chantal Collin

    I had subscribe to the Crochet Crowd but did not receive any email letting me know of new patterns, videos and events. I am trying a second time. Please verify if I am on your list of subscribers. If not, please add me to the list. Thank you. Chantal

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