Crochet 4 Colour Granny Square Afghan Pattern

Crochet 4 Colour Granny Square Afghan Pattern

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4 Colour Granny Square Afghans

4 Colour Granny Square Afghans

Crochet 4 Colour Granny Squares

Introducing the 4 colour granny squares that will give you plaid or gingham looking afghans. Each square is made up of 4 different colours and the colours change in the corners.

2 Colour Granny Square AfghanThis is very similar to the Half’n Half Granny Square Afghan by Yarnspirations. I realized that if it’s so easy to change colours for squares that are half colours, how hard could it be to do 4 colours in one square. Turns out, there’s really no difference in difficulty. There are 4 strands of yarn to use instead of 2 but the process is still just as easy.

For my example, I am using Bernat L’il Tots Yarn. It’s a baby yarn with fabulous colours.

Yarnspirations Patterns

Half And Half Granny SquarePattern

You can use the same pattern at the Half’n Half Granny Square pattern and add 3rd and 4th colour so each side is a different colour. Just like the Half’n Half Granny, you have to work in rounds but turn the project and go back in the opposite direction. You cannot do a continuous revolution as the where you drop the yarn is where you need to pick it up back up to do the next round.

Half’n Half Granny Diagram to show you what 2 colours look like. Use the same visual and changing your colours on each corner instead of just at the half waypoint.

See how the colour of the diagram changes in the bottom left corner. That same thing will exist in the bottom right and top left of the corners of dropping yarn and bringing the next colour up.

So in the corners, you will chain 1 and the remaining chains will be the new colour you are wanting to change to. You will drop the colour you are ending and leave it hanging. When you come back to this space, you will pick it back up. The corners are nice and clean looking as a result of this technique.


I would consider doing this technique in a massive granny square instead of individuals. You can have 4 quadrants of colours. If you are more adventurous, you could do 16 and puzzle them together to create the plaid or gingham look. Here are visuals to help you.

4 Colour Granny Square Afghans

4 Colour Granny Square Afghans

4 Colour Granny Square Afghans

4 Colour Granny Square Afghans

4 Colour Granny Square Afghans

4 Colour Granny Square Afghans

Video Tutorial

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    1. Ann says:

      No blue button

    2. Jaymie says:

      Love this pattern. Your tutorial is Bang On. When whip stitching them together do you change yarn to match the color or just use one color? It would make alot of ends to tie in if you had to change color alot. Your thoughts?

    3. Iris Blumenthal says:

      love the pattern – is there a printed pattern for this? I want to make one huge square of 4 colors for my WeCareBlankets project. thank you

    4. Michele says:

      I love this??. I would love for you to make a tutorial on how to actually sew the squares together so they are all even. Do we block them first or the whole afghan after sewn together?

      1. No blocking and you can whip stitch them together. We have tutorials for whip stitching. 😀

    5. Terry says:

      Thank you for posting the pattern Mikey! Much appreciated. Watched the behind the scenes of this you and Dan are just too cute/sweet together. Love you guys!

    6. Mary Parker says:

      I think you are “Bang on”. I love this pattern and would like to try it.

    7. Louisa Donnelly says:

      Thank you Mikey

    8. Love the way the plaid look comes together with this!

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