Crochet Baby Cluster Hat Pattern

Baby Cluster Hat for Newborns
Baby Cluster Hat for Newborns
Baby Cluster Hat for Newborns

Baby’s First Newborn Hat

Learn how to crochet Baby’s First Hat. This is a newborn size that is between 7 – 9 lbs. This easy to make hat is really super easy to make. It grows really quickly and crocheters can really pound off a lot of these size hats.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Baby First Cluster Hat

This is also a super project for beginner crocheters. Easy to make and the video tutorial below is easy to follow along to. I have referred to a homemade diagram that I used to help myself during the tutorial itself. I have provided a copy of that diagram below so you can save it or print it for yourself.

Try this pattern, they make for great charity donation ideas as well.

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Crochet Diagram

Baby First Crochet Hat, Mikey's Diagram
Baby First Crochet Hat, Mikey’s Diagram. Click the pic to download or save the diagram for your own personal use.

Video Tutorial

Version 3 – 4 lbs.

Version 5 – 6 lbs.

Newborn Version: Refilmed March 27, 2020

Version Up to 6 Months.

Stitched with Love eBook with Charity Projects for Knitters and Crocheters
Stitched with Love eBook with Charity Projects for Knitters and Crocheters

Stitch it Forward

Yarnspirations has released their latest Lookbook called Caron, Stitched with Love. The book of free patterns for both knitters and crocheters has one central theme, charity. It focuses on simple projects and some that require a bit of knowledge of crochet. Personally, I love how the Lookbook allows new crocheters to learn new skills but also for the ones who have some skills to go a step further. Not only is this book charity oriented, but it also a great starting point for crocheters and knitters to do something more than practice with stitches. It will allow them to learn, grow and contribute to their own community with the projects they create.

The project above is from this Lookbook. This article is one specific pattern and I have a tutorial that matches it for those who need an extra helping hand with the instructions and skills needed to complete the project.

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  1. Nancy Lesniewski

    Made it. Easy pattern and looks very nice. I added a second row of single crochet to the edge so it would stand out better. Love your site and Mikey with the tutorials.

    • the patterns are addicting I swear, I barely finish one and I end up with 5 more added to me want to-do list lol

  2. Dianne

    Hi where can I find the diagrams for the other hat sizes. I’ve followed the tutorial and completed the newborn hat but I’m struggling to readand understand the pattern to make the first size. In the tutorial you show diagrams for all sizes, could you please point me in the right direction to find them. Thank you Dianne (UK)

  3. I am trying to source a crocheted baby’s helmet. I have seen them for sale in baby shops but would really like the pattern.

  4. Mandi Spells

    I have ripped out and redone this hat a couple times, and if I follow the video exactly like you’ve done it, on round 4 I get 20 groups of cluster, not 19. and if I take out the last group and only do 4 instead of 5 I get a weird pucker in what would be the back of the hat. I left it at 20 and it seemed to smooth out nicely. And yes, my counts were on exactly, up until the end of round 4, and its only that last set of 5 clusters. Did I do something wrong?

  5. Rona

    Why does Mikey do the video in double crochet when the pattern calls for half-double crochet? Very confusing

    • Half-double is only done on the first round (which Mikey does), then the rest of the pattern called for double crochet, until the edging which is single crochet.

  6. I have gone all over your site…no where is it showing the pattern. What’s the trick to get the “printable” pattern for the newborn hats you’re showing?

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