Crochet Face Masks for Halloween Add Ons

Crochet Face Masks for Halloween
Crochet Face Masks for Halloween
Crochet Face Masks for Halloween

I’ve been using my Crochet Face Mask since I made the tutorial back in July 2020. There are extension ideas for Halloween to add to your mask.

Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me has come up with four cute ideas to include to your mask. From Frankenstein, Pumpkin, Skeleton or even a Cat. Some are motifs and other extensions are embroidery. These are the Halloween Add On Patterns.

While some people are collecting masks, myself, my crochet face mask has been the only mask I am using. Using 100% cotton so it can be washed, as it shows in the tutorial, as it’s the one I am wearing, it has double layers of fabric inside the mask. A crochet mask should include the fabric inside the mask or at least be over the top of an existing mask. I find mine really comfortable to wear.

With the ties and it being yarn, I find I don’t need to untie my mask between uses. It stretches and then contracts onto my head. I leave it tucked under the visor of my car so I always have it as I usually have to drive somewhere. Being blue and I typically wear blue or black, it matches my outfit and fits like a glove to my face.

PS. We are not here to debate the usage of masks. Follow your local, state/provincial or federal guidelines for mask usage. 

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Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Patterns: Crochet Halloween Extensions for Face Masks
Crochet Mask. Double Fabric Layer Inside with Ties.
Crochet Mask. Double Fabric Layer Inside with Ties.

Tutorial for the Crochet Version Mask

Use Sarah’s Pattern linked above for add on instructions.


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  1. Crochet is fun

    I am sorry you met the ire of someone who can’t read. Makes it funny that this person feels the need to insult your science skills. I live the work you do and the patterns you share. Please do not let one angry fool discourage anything you do!

  2. Derp

    Except that a crochet face mask does absolutely nothing to keep exhaled water droplets from shooting all over the world. If you wear these for any purpose than “fun” – congratulations, you failed elementary school science.

    • Mikey

      Yeah I didn’t do so well in science. There are 2 layers of fabrics inside the crochet mask. I stated that and demo’d in the tutorial as well. The crochet masks are useless without the fabric layers inside. You could wear these over an existing mask as well. I stated that as well.

      • Andy

        That fabric is useless. I know we’re working on a social engineering campaign to make people happy wearing a muzzle, but the fact is the only masks that are effective are fitted N95 surgical masks. Anything with woven fabric like these or bandanas or runners fleece is actually worse than wearing no mask at all. Stop turning personal protection into a fashion statement. You are making things worse.

  3. Gwen

    I love your work, so professional and great. Your one of a kind, keep up the good work.

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