Crochet Flying Geese Baby Blanket Pattern

Crochet Flying Geese Baby Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Flying Geese Baby Blanket

Crochet Flying Geese Baby Blanket

Crochet Flying Geese Baby Blanket

In celebration of Canada 150, Yarnspirations has the Crochet Flying Geese Baby Blanket. This is a small baby blanket that is rectangular.

There is a strip of Tapestry Crochet Work making triangles along the one edge. You will then make the body of the blanket. You will join both sections together with single crochet using both panels to bring them together.

For the Tapestry Crochet, you cannot see in the sample photo that the cream colour yarn is carried under the triangle colours. Due to the tightness of the stitches, it’s pretty hidden. I have the sample to double-check as I would have expected this to be typical graphghan work. Speaking bluntly, I’m glad it’s Tapestry Crochet verses Graphghan Style. It’s much easier and quicker.

Yarnspirations Patterns

Crochet Flying Geese Baby Blanket Pattern

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The pattern includes written instructions and a simple diagram of the triangle. You will use tapestry techniques for this. I will include a tutorial below


How to Crochet Tapestry Afghans – General Overview

Use this video to help you do the triangle sections in tapestry format. Pay attention to how to change colours and follow the graph.

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    No Blue Button

  2. Mary Anne Walters says:

    I can’t find a way to email you offline, and I have looked and looked to make sure I wasn’t telling you something you already know 🙂 but did you know that Stitchboard Pattern Wizard creates free word patterns? and look at the section 7
    Select Output Format and Options
    Pattern or Word Chart:

    The only requirement is, I think, that you register. I’d post a snippet if I could. I haven’t started yet but it LOOKS like a good pattern. I want to change the original image a bit and once I do I’ll have a go. I also want to say I thought the video on bobbins and colour change was outstanding. Thanks for all the tips.

  3. Veronica says:

    Thanks you do a great job.

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