Crochet Granny Takes a Dip Scarf Pattern

Granny Takes a Dip Crochet Super Scarf
Crochet Super Scarf: Granny Style Scarf
Crochet Super Scarf: Granny Style Scarf

Crochet Granny Super Scarf

Introducing another Super Scarf called Granny Takes a Dip Scarf. A plunging scarf that drapes beautifully and uses most of everyone’s favourite technique. Granny Style!

This scarf works in the back and forth in the width of the scarf and strategically changes colour for better accenting colours. The fringe, if you prefer it, is added on at the end.

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Crochet Super Scarf: Granny Style Scarf Pattern

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Included in the video below are ways to wear this scarf.


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